KMBL program for women 29 June 2022

ISLAMABAD: Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited (KMBL) is one of the leading financial institutions in Pakistan, with a vision to accelerate socio-economic development, by promoting financial inclusion of the vast unbanked segment in Pakistan. Recently, Khushhali Microfinance Bank partnered with the ‘Sindh Graduates Association (SGA) to launch a skills-development program for women in Mirpurkhas Sindh, to create more livelihood opportunities for this impoverished segment, says a press release.

The training program includes a complete ‘Tailoring-course’ for women as well as informative sessions on Financial Literacy, to impart knowledge and understanding of financial concepts along with banking products and services. The program aims to empower the women and enable them to earn sustainable livelihoods, raise their standards of living, and understand the value of saving money and investing in their family’s future.

The participating women will be taught to realize their irrefutable role in the well-being of their household, in case their families are faced with poverty. If women are empowered, they can achieve a greater degree of self-reliance and economic prosperity within their families, while raising their children with a better quality of life.

The President of Khushhali Microfinance Bank – Ghalib Nishtar stated: Our Skill-based training programmes are a progressive step towards empowering women, inspiring them to be independent and generate sufficient incomes to support their families.

Originally published by THE INTERNATIONAL NEWS, Reproduced for TN MEDIA NEWS.

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