Posted by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq
No one is neutral when the national interest of the country is at stake, neither individuals nor institutions. You fault the army for taking a neutral stance when they should be taking sides. Really??

Was the army neutral during the Covid pandemic?
Was the army neutral during LOCUST?
Was the army neutral in the Rekodik issue?
Was the army neutral in resolving the Karke dispute?
Was the army Neutral during Afg Crisis?
Was the army neutral during FATF?
Was the army Neutral or found wanting even Once during various Challenges that our ppl and our country have faced?
Should the army be taking sides for the political interests of one group or Individual?
How can one individual’s personal interests, no matter how popular he is, be termed as National interest in a functioning democracy?
How can the army be criticised for being apolitical?
Pakistan is for Pakistanis and Each individual in his or her own way is working for its integrity, sovereignty and well-being.
One individual is not the sole owner of nationhood or national interests.
Personal slogans and preferences can’t be termed as national interest.
Every Pakistani is the defender of the country’s prestige and independence
One deranged man or his Fan Club can’t claim ownership of the Nation or its Interests.
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