Ambassador Rathore pays visit to Pakistani labour camp

Arshad Raza Bureau Chief
RIYADH: The Ambassador of Pakistan Amir Khurram Rathore accompanied by Welfare Attache Sohail Babar visited Riyadh Metro Labor Camp here recently. The ambassador of Pakistan thanked the management of the camp for the excellent facilities being provided to the Pakistani workforce.

For the information to the general public that BACS is a consortium comprised of four major companies including Bectal, CCC, Al-Mobani and Siemens. These four companies are working online on one and two of the Riyadh Metro Project.

The largest number of Pakistanis are residing in this labour camp. The ambassador urged Pakistani workers to abide by Saudi laws and also urged them to remit their hard-earned money through banking channels only, that is the only way to develop Pakistan’s economy.
During his visit to a labour camp, the ambassador also briefed the Pakistani workers about the features of the Roshan Digital Account.

Rathore assured all the workers of his full support and said that the doors of the Embassy of Pakistan are open for every countryman. He also assured that all the problems the Pakistanis are facing to be solved within such a time framework.

Meanwhile, all the workers thanked the ambassador and other embassy staff and expressed their happiness over the ambassador’s visit to their camp. At the end of the visit, the ambassador thanked the management of the worker’s camp and appreciated the efforts and services they are providing to their Pakistani brethren.


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