Asking a married woman to do housework is not cruelty, Mumbai High Court

The Aurangabad Bench of the Mumbai High Court in India, while hearing a case, has said that if a married woman is asked to do household work for the family, it cannot be considered equal to the work of a housemaid and it is cruelty. will not count either.

A two-judge division bench comprising Justice Vibha Kankanwadi and Justice Rajesh Patil dismissed the suit on October 21. The woman alleged in her complaint that she was treated well for a month after marriage but after that, they (her husband and his parents) started treating her like a ‘maid’.

She also claimed that a month later, her husband and his parents demanded INR 400,000 from her to buy the car. In her complaint, the woman said that because of this demand, her husband harassed her mentally and physically.

The High Court in its order said that the woman had only stated that she was harassed but had not specified any such action in her complaint. The court further said that if a married woman is employed for household work, it cannot be said that she is like a maid.

If she doesn’t want to do her housework then she should have told before the marriage so that the groom can rethink the marriage itself or if it is after the marriage then the issue should have been resolved already.

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