LogRhythm Regenerated: Delivering on Promises to Serve Our Customers

Posted by: Christopher O’Malley
With Q2 2022 now at an end with sights on a bright future, we are pleased to release the Q3 quarterly delivery. LogRhythm is not only launching new versions of LogRhythm SIEM Platform (version 7.9)NDR, and UEBA solutions, but is also on an accelerated journey to transform the way we work to the ends of continuously improving our innovation velocity, quality, efficiency, and security.

As an authentically committed and dedicated security software partner should, we are recommitting ourselves to being customer-obsessed in everything we do in service to our customers and partners. This means, we are listening to and understanding our customer and partner challenges and, in response, promise to deliver quarterly innovations that matter.

LogRhythm is proud to announce new, improved, and expanded capabilities to help simplify the lives of highly stretched sec/ops teams, with enhanced threat detection for users (UEBA) and networks (NDR) and, the LogRhythm SIEM Platform version 7.9.

As a LogRhythm customer, what changes should I expect to see?
As a company, LogRhythm is on the frontlines defending against the world’s most significant cyberattacks, and we empower security teams to navigate an ever-changing threat landscape. We are your dutiful allies in the fight against cybercrime.

To continue to deliver value to our customers and help achieve our mission of becoming a customer-obsessed organization, we have been busy behind the scenes. Our product management and engineering teams have been hard at work on enhancing existing features and creating new tools and solutions to help lighten your security operations centres (SOC) team’s load.

LogRhythm has always been and will always be an industry-leading innovator in discovering ways to help nail the threat detection jobs that matter to customers and partners. This history repeats itself with new, improved, and expanded capabilities for LogRhythm UEBA (formerly CloudAI), LogRhythm NDR (formerly MistNet NDR) and LogRhythm SIEM (version 7.9).

LogRhythm 7.9 simplifies security operations by closing workforce gaps, informing awareness of new attacks, and navigating an ever-changing threat landscape with confidence. It was recently awarded an Expert Insights Best-Of Award as a top SIEM solution, selected by Expert Insights’ editors who conducted extensive research into SIEM companies’ merits as solution providers and customer reviews, and examined how they compare to competitors.

Users highlighted the LogRhythm SIEM’s real-time analysis of events and logs and compatibility with a wide variety of log sources, as well as its granular customization options to be the most beneficial features of the platform. This recognition affirms LogRhythm’s dedication to providing security solutions that get ahead of the needs of our customers’ evolving challenges.

The newly branded LogRhythm UEBA provides tighter product integration for ease of use with superior analytics. Smartly leveraging Machine Learning (ML), it offers analytics as a cloud-native, easy-to-deploy add-on for 7.9 users. Existing models have been enhanced and improved and new models have been added to ensure the complexity of today’s attacks can still be detected and further reduce alert fatigue.

Why have these changes been implemented?
The changes we have made to our product offerings reflect our dedication and commitment to our customers and our desire to increase the value of the platform.

The new capabilities of LogRhythm 7.9 are designed to help SOC teams overcome everyday obstacles with industry-best time to value, extensive breadth of capabilities, and improved flexibility. The resulting benefits are:

  • The ability to accelerate responses to threats by making them easier to find and fix.
  • The ability to optimize and automate your workflow to save you time so you can focus on what really matters.
  • The ability to simplify processes for ingesting data from new log sources.

As a LogRhythm customer, what does this mean for me?
Quite simply, it means increased value around LogRhythm’s security operations platform and an increased focus and dedication to meeting and exceeding customer expectations and requirements. As a world-leading cybersecurity organization, we remain obsessed with and are committed to, delivering first-class customer service, enablement, and success.

LogRhythm’s security operations platform additions, enhancements, and improved integrations capability provide any organization with a competitive advantage within their industry. SOC teams are enabled to close their cybersecurity workplace gaps with:

  • Out-of-the-box, pre-configured modules.
  • A competitive price point for LogRhythm UEBA.
  • Clean data feeding modules.
  • The improved LogRhythm NDR solution with hybrid analytics and robust architecture.
  • Seamless integration with the LogRhythm SIEM Platform.

As allies in the fight against cyberattacks, LogRhythm delivers a comprehensive and flexible security operations platform with technology partnerships and advisory services.

Existing Valued Customers
If you’re an existing customer, you need to request a new license to access LogRhythm 7.9.
Download 7.9 from Community today or watch our May Tips & Tricks webinar to learn more about LogRhythm 7.9 and its specific features.

Thinking about working with LogRhythm?
If you’re thinking of working with us, we would love to be part of your cybersecurity journey! Find out more information about becoming a Technology Partner or a Customer.
You can also complete the form to watch a customized LogRhythm SIEM Platform (version 7.9) and LogRhythm NDR demo.

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