PISJ-ES Honors Pakistan’s Defenders on the 58th Defense Day.

BY: Syed Mussarat Khalil
Jeddah, September 7, 2023 – The Pakistan International School Jeddah-English Section (PISJ-ES) hosted a remarkable commemoration to mark the 58th Defense Day of Pakistan. The event took place at the prestigious school’s auditorium and was graced by the presence of students, faculty, esteemed guests from the Armed Forces of Pakistan, and the Consulate General of Pakistan Jeddah.

As per the press release from Syed Hamza Salim Gilani, Press Consular at Consulate General of Pakistan Jeddah, the event commenced with a recitation of the Holy Qur’an and the national anthem of Pakistan, stirring a strong sense of patriotism and respect among all attendees. A student squad then delivered an enthralling Guard of Honor, paying tribute to the brave defenders of the nation.

The principal of PISJ-ES, Adnan Nasir, in his opening speech, emphasized the significance of Defence Day and the valuable lessons associated with it. Students were encouraged to prioritize education while also developing discipline and character, enabling them to become responsible citizens of Pakistan.

Distinguished officers from the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Air Force delivered informative presentations in their respective fields of expertise. These presentations shed light on the dedication, sacrifice, and progress achieved by the armed forces in maintaining peace within the country.

The festive atmosphere was further enhanced by the enthusiastic performances of national songs by the students, as well as engaging quiz sessions. The audience actively participated, showcasing their knowledge and passion for their homeland. The officers of the armed forces were honored with shields as a token of gratitude, symbolizing the immense respect and appreciation felt towards them.

The celebration concluded with an interactive question and answer session, allowing students to seek detailed answers regarding the various aspects and functions of the Pakistan armed forces. This session promoted a deeper understanding and appreciation among the audience for the vital role played by the armed forces in safeguarding and serving the nation.

The Pakistan International School Jeddah – English Section (PISJ-ES) takes great pride in commemorating the 58th Defence Day of Pakistan and paying tribute to the courageous men and women who have protected the sovereignty of the country. The event served as a reminder for students to strive for excellence while upholding the values of discipline, character, and patriotism.

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