14th August, 2022 Independence Day Celebration and Flag Hoisting Ceremony.

By: Ch. Muhammad Natiq.
Pakistan biggest and metropolitan city, Karachi’s business community celebrated 14th August with a splendid and prestigious gathering. Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) who covers 60% of city’s trade, organized this prestigious event at their head quarter situated in Korangi Brooks Chowrangi area.

Mr. Abdullah Wahab, administrator Karachi was the Chief Guest. KATI current and former executives’ members and chairpersons attended this Independence day celebration. KATI senior members’ ex and current greeted Mr. Wahab from his car. As per the event main course Mr. Wahab along with KATI members hoisted our green and white “hilali” flag high in the airs of this magnificent city.

Mr. Wahab delivered the speech in KATI meeting room and all the members attended it. Mr. Wahab told the audience about the selfless and tireless efforts done by Sindh Government and administration in this monsoon spell. This abnormal rain spell has devastated the city but the efforts shown by Sindh Govt and Administration has evaded many catastrophes. KATI current and ex-chairman also graced the morning with their words and pointed out the efforts Sindh Administration has done in past few days. Everyone has to play its part to make this country number 1 in the world. They said Pakistan is blessed with every natural resource from intelligent brains to able bodies, natural resources to favorable weather, God has blessed us with everything, now it’s our task to make it best for our country and us.

Scrumptious and delicious lunch was also served for the guests. Pakistan Business Group Organization chairman and founder Mr. Faraz ur Rehman delivered his speech and focused on working together hand-in-hand and work hard tirelessly to make this country like our Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah vision it.

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