Pakistan, Saudi Arabia friendship strengthened: Khurram Rathore Pakistani community must abide by Saudi laws: Pak Ambassador

by: Taher Karamat.
AL-AHSA: Ambassador of Pakistan Amir Khurram Rathore, called on Prince Saud Bin Talal Bin Badr, Governor Al-Ahsa Region and discussed with him on bilateral issues and cordial relationship between the two brotherly nations. In the meeting, mutual appreciation of Pakistan-Saudi Arabia friendship was made.

The ambassador was accompanied by Sohail Babar Waraich, welfare attache, and a delegation of Embassy of Pakistan. During his visit, the ambassador also met with Abdul Aziz Al-Musa, chairman of Al-Ahsa Chamber of Commerce. During the meeting the facilities and suggestions were exchanged between the two for the promotion of legal business and tourism in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and mutual confidence was expressed. The Al-Ahsa Chamber of Commerce assured the Ambassador Rathore for taking all necessary steps to develop further understanding and bonding.

Later, the Al-Ahsa Chamber of Commerce held a luncheon in honor of the ambassador and his delegation. Earlier, the delegates of Pakistan Embassy, Nadeem Akhtar Chaudhry, Chaudhry Saeed Ghaman, along with the dignitaries of the community, welcomed the Ambassador of Pakistan Amir Khurram Rathore and Welfare Attache Sohail Babar Waraich in a warm manner.

Also a program was held under the presidentship of ambassador to mark the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan on August 14 in which the ambassador asked the business community and other overseas embassies to resolve every issue related to the embassy and told them that delegates are available 24 hours a day for the services.

In his speech, Ambassador Rathore emphasized on Pak-Saudi friendship and requested to the Pakistani community to adherence to Saudi laws. Welfare Attache Sohail Babar emphasized the unity and consensus of the community for welfare and said that “The problems of overseas Pakistanis in Al-Ahsa are being solved on fast track system to which the delegates and the services of the community are worthy of appreciation. In a clamorous atmosphere on August 14, Ambassador Rathore and Babar Waraich took part in a cake-cutting ceremony along with the community and prayed for the integrity of Pakistan.

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