A Snooker club and a coffee shop were inaugurated in the area of ​​Al-Riyadh

Al-Riyadh (Abid Shimoun Chand):
A snooker club and a coffee shop were inaugurated in the area of ​​Al-Riyadh (Harah Hayi Wazirat) in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, in which men and women from the Pakistani community participated.

The chief guest of the ceremony, Malik Rashid Pervez Awan, Chairman of SAARC International Journalist Forum Saudi Arabia Chapter, a well-known socio-political personality of Riyadh, cut the red ribbon and inaugurated the snooker club. Promotion of sports for the generation is the need of the hour.

By promoting our business in Saudi Arabia, we can play an important role in strengthening the Pakistani economy. Such businesses are very necessary to support the Pakistani economy. And we pay tribute to the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman who has provided us with opportunities to do business and employment in Saudi Arabia.

The aim of these youths to start a snooker club is to contribute to the Pakistani economy, we all have to play our role in the Pakistani economy. will provide the best entertainment opportunities in which all colors of culture will be highlighted from the event; Guest of Honor Zahid Sharif; Central President of Pakistan Executive Forum Munir Ahmed Shad; Saud Ahmed, Waleed Ahmed; Mukarram Naseer; And others congratulated the youth who started the snooker club saying that the game is also considered as a form of recreational summer which aims to release from physical and emotional stress. At the end of the ceremony the cake was cut and the players Started the game by putting short.


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