Abeer Medical Center Al-Mahjar (Sanayah) hosts Iftar for 2000 people in the blessed month of Ramadan.

By Syed Mussarat Khalil.
Abeer Medical Center Al-Mahjar (Sanayah) Jeddah hosted Iftar in the blessed month of Ramadan. Over 2000 individuals participated. They were mostly from the employees working at different companies in the industrial area south of Jeddah on Monday.

Prominent Saudi lady and representative of Saudi General Entertainment Authority (GEA) Noushin Ahmed, doctors, paramedical staff, and media representatives were also present.

Speaking on the occasion, Madam Noushin Ahmed highlighted the importance of charity in Islam. She said the profession of a doctor falls under the category of charity. So when hospitals and medical centres serve the people, they earn a lot of rewards. Definitely “Abeer” is earning a lot of rewards. She applauded the medical service and activities of the Abeer Medical group. She said today I have seen so many people have smiles on their faces. So medicine is a great field and profession in which you serve the people, run your own houses and earn rewards from Allah.

Media representatives expressed their gratitude and appreciation for this gesture, praying to Allah to sustain blessings and prosperity on Abeer Medical Group and reward the President of the Group Mohammed Alungal.

They also thanked and offered special prays of Allah’s blessing for the Executive Director, Dr. Ahmed Alungal, VP Finance, Mr. Jabir, VP Strategic, Dr Jemshith, VP Operation, Dr. Afsar Ehtisham, Director Sales & Marketing, Dr. Imran and Event Coordinator, Danyal Tanveer for hosting After.

All participants praised the remarkable arrangement of Dr. Imran, Danyal Tanveer and Volunteers of the event for over 2000 individuals.