Inzamam-ul-Haq Resigns as Pakistan’s Chief Selector

by: Atika Mehboob TN Sport Pakistan:
In a recent turn of events, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Pakistan’s chief selector, has submitted his resignation to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). This development was verified by a PCB official.

Inzamam’s decision comes in the wake of mounting concerns regarding his alleged stake in a company helmed by Talha Rehmani. Notably, Rehmani is the agent for players like Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, and Shaheen Afridi, including Inzamam himself. The potential conflict of interest this could present was underscored, prompting the PCB to seek clarity from Inzamam on this issue.

In response to the speculations, the PCB has constituted a five-member panel to delve into the alleged conflict of interest surrounding the team’s selection procedures. This committee is tasked with promptly presenting its findings and recommendations to the PCB management.

Addressing the situation, Inzamam stated, “Many jump to conclusions without due diligence. Given the questions being raised about my involvement, I felt it right to step down.” He further expressed his dismay at the baseless accusations, emphasizing, “People are making assumptions without substantial evidence. If there is any proof, let it be presented. Such unfounded allegations deeply affect me.”

He also shed light on his conversations with the PCB regarding the investigative committee. “I was informed about the formation of this committee over a call, and I conveyed to the PCB that it would be best for me to resign during the inquiry process. Once everything settles, I hope to reconnect with the PCB,” he commented.

Meanwhile, Zaka Ashraf, the Chairman of the PCB Management Committee, clarified that Inzamam chose to resign on his own, without any prior discussions. “Rather than attending a meeting or providing an explanation, he opted to resign. I hold him in high regard and am open to meeting with him at his convenience,” remarked Ashraf.

It’s worth noting that Inzamam held the position of chairman for both the Senior and Junior Men’s Cricket Selection Committees.


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