MLF-KSA Organized a dinner in honor of Arshad Dumba.

By Syed Mussarat Khalil Correspondent, TN media News.
Memon Leadership Saudi Arabia MLF-KSA chapter organized a dinner in honour of Arshad Dumba, a prominent figure in the business circles of Pakistan at the Four Seasons restaurant in Jeddah. At the dinner Number of MLF officials and members of Jeddah, and the business community participated. The proceeding started with the recitation of a few verses from the Holy Qur’an and Naatiya Kalam by Furqan Edhi, a member of the MLF Youth Wing.

Siraj Adamjee Chairman MLF KSA chapter welcomed all the guests and highlighted the aims and objectives of the forum. He said the main objective of the Memon Leadership Forum is to encourage Memon and other communities who have rendered outstanding services in various fields of business, education, health and social welfare across the world. He said today we are very happy to welcome our chief guest Arshad Dumba to Diyar Haram and to participate in this event. He said Arshad Dumba’s life is full of philanthropy. He is famous in the trade industry. He is also an executive member of the MLF Pakistan Chapter.

Adamjee also welcome guests of honour including Sheikh Ahmad Atta Ullah Farooqui, his son Omar Atta Ullah Farooqui, Mohi Uddin Khan, Mansoor Shivani, Afaq Baig Mirza, Asrar Khan, senior journalist and Bureau chief for Saudi Arabia of daily Jasarat Pakistan Syed Mussarat Khalil and representatives of MLF Media Wing. Adamjee further said that one of the main reasons for the formation of MLF is to bring forward the leadership of the Memon community which did not have such a platform for decades. He said MLF supports all charitable organizations, providing opportunities for our youth to lead. But most importantly MLF gives our community an opportunity to support a common goal. These are the basic principles on which MLF is based. It is a platform where original ideas can be shared. Our forum, our vision, encourages unity.

On this occasion, MLF President Jeddah Chapter Mohammad Younis Habib also expressed his views and thanked Siraj Adamji for organizing this program in such a short time. He also thanked Abdul Rahim Janoo, who provided an opportunity for MLF in Saudi Arabia to welcome as many as possible visiting businessmen in Saudi Arabia. While welcoming the chief guest, Arshad Dumba, he said he has a great place in the commercial circles of Pakistan. Habib said that there are great opportunities for our businessmen in Saudi Arabia and they should take full advantage of them.

The guest of honour Sh. Ahmed Atta Ullah Farooqui said in his address that Saudi Arabia will be able to produce all the necessary items by making maximum use of its raw materials under the 2030 vision of the Saudi leadership. The laws of which have changed and made many simplifications. Chief guest Arshad Dumba said in his address I am very grateful to MLF for honouring me so much. He said that what we are doing for our community’s brothers and sisters, is their right over us. He said a lot of work is being done on the medical and education rights of the Memon community. I have taken responsibility for the entire education of my community in my hands. Our friends are doing a lot of work in the hospital. I have also started a motorcycle scheme on easy instalments. Apart from this, I belong to the textile industry. A lot of labourers are working in it.

He appealed to Overseas Pakistanis to invest in the development of Pakistan. He lauded the services of MLF and said that it has played a very important role in the unity of the Memon community locally as well as intentionally. In the end, MLF chairman Siraj Adamjee, President Younus Habeeb and all members of the MLF Saudia chapter presented a commemorative shield and a Kashmiri shawl to Arshad Dumba. Kashmiri shawls were also presented to the guests of honour Sh. Farooqui, given by Vice Chairman MLF Saudia Chapter Kabeer Memon and Mohiuddin Khan received from the chief guest.

Superb photography and videography did by Raees Patel and Israr khan, active members of MLF Saudia Chapter. Chairman Siraj Adamjee gave very special thanks to President Younus Habib, Vice President Munaf BOMBIA and Vice Chairman Kabeer Memon. A delicious dinner was served at the end of the program. Furqan Edhi gave the vote of thanks.


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