ANK Global Chartered Accountants is thrilled to announce the success of the ANK Global & Ten Stars Lubricants Entrepreneurs Tape Ball Cricket Tournament, held at G-Force Cricket Academy.

by: TN Sports News UAE:
Beyond the exciting cricket, the event unfolded as a tale of community success and shared joy, featuring innovative ideas in one place. In just a few hours, the event achieved significant milestones, spreading happiness and fostering a closer community bond.

Four spirited teams participated in the tournament: AAA Chartered Accountants, led by Captain Mr. Jahangir Chatha; Ten Star Lubricants, led by Mr. Muhammad Haroon; Entrepreneur Sports Club, led by Mr. Muhammad Faisal; and ANK Global Chartered Accountants, led by Captain Mr. Dhani Bux. Sponsors’ gifts were distributed to everyone through a draw, creating heightened interest among participants and providing sponsors with an additional opportunity for promotion.

The tournament showcased 44 players across four teams, enjoying cricket and the camaraderie. It also served as a platform for 15 individuals to connect, share thoughts, and discuss the transition from employment to entrepreneurship. A dedicated session for guidance, networking, and motivation for 35 job seekers featured insights shared by Mr. Naffar Hussain, Mr. Ijaz Ahmed, and Mr. Shakeel, drawing from their practical experiences.

The day concluded with a relaxed coffee time, where participants put away their phones and engaged in conversations, sharing thoughts and stories.

The ANK Global & Ten Stars Lubricants Entrepreneurs Tape Ball Cricket Tournament not only showcased outstanding cricket skills but also became a story of friendship and collective learning. With AAA Chartered Accountants emerging as the winners and ANK Global Chartered securing the second position.

Mr. Naffar Hussain ACA, the CEO of ANK Global Chartered Accountants and the organizer of the tournament, extends heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to making this day truly awesome. Gratitude is extended to all the players, captains, supporting businesses, the media team, and the volunteers.

Special acknowledgment is given to Mr. Bashir Chohan, Mr. Ashfaq, Mr. Akhtar, Mr. Ijaz Ahmed, Mr. Shakeel, Mr. Naeem Ellahi, and Mrs. Nabiya for their extraordinary contributions in making the day exceptionally great!


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