“Awareness event on Internet Governance and Internet Resources Share is of great importance for developing economies like Pakistan.

As per my understanding, Number Resource Society (#NRS) is doing great work in the public interest that is the distribution of IP addresses, working as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO). It will help raise the voice of countries like Pakistan in the global and regional digital arena as well as in the Internet governance forums.” (Syed Amin-Ul-Haque, Federal Minister for IT and Telecom).
The minister said while addressing the Internet Governance & Internet Resources Share for Pakistan event organized by Number Resource Society (NRS) at a local hotel in Islamabad on Wednesday.
The ceremony was also addressed by Mr. Lu Heng – Founder and CEO of LARUS Limited, Mr. Melvin Cheng – Director of Business Development Innovation Service Ltd, Mr. Kashif Nawaz – NRS Ambassador and Mr. Mohammed Ismail: Director of Pacific Connect Limited. Mr. Muhammad Omar Malik Member Telecom (MOITT), Mr. Jahanzeb Director Wireless and other officers and prominent personalities of the IT industry were also present on the occasion.
The Minister said that we expect NRS-like organizations to play their role in the multi-stakeholder process to discuss and contribute towards making a mechanism to address Internet governance issues. NRS can also help us to get the right voice from Pakistan in APNIC by supporting Pakistani Candidate so that the Pakistan internet community have their voice to get what we need in terms of internet resources like IP v4, and IP v6 allocation.
IT Ministry is fully cognizant of the significance of Internet governance and to this effect, we have already established a specialized vertical on Internet Governance at the Ministry.
Ministry’s IG Strategy builds upon inclusiveness to address new and continuously evolving challenges and opportunities within the Internet Governance landscape. As you may know, our Country Code Top Level Domain (.pk) is managed by a private entity which is issuing the sub-level domains to our business, government, academia and non-profit, among others, without any governmental regulatory compliance.
He said we have also done efforts to help the 5G initiative that will help to endorse multi-stakeholder participation as well as input for internet governance at national and international levels.
He said; Alhamdulillah, it is good news for the IT industry and freelancers that now the State Bank has issued a circular under which the problems related to banking and account maintaining of IT professionals will be eliminated.
There will be no more obstacles in the delivery of services. The telecom sector currently faces the biggest problems with respect to letters of credit due to which, they have difficulties in importing their equipment. As a result, plans for upgrading the system and installing new towers are likely to be delayed.
In this regard, we have spoken to the Finance Minister, 50% LCs are allowed, and we hope the rest of the issue will be resolved soon.