Chinese banks sign $ 2.3 billion loan agreement

by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq:
The money transfer is expected in a few days, Finance Minister Muftah Ismail said
Finance Minister Muftah Ismail has said that Chinese banks have signed an agreement to pay 2. 2.3 billion to Pakistan, the money will be received by Pakistan in a few days.

Finance Minister Muftah Ismail said in a Twitter message that کے 2.3 billion in funds would be received from China in a day or two. A consortium of Chinese banks signed a loan facilitation agreement today.

The Finance Minister said that the agreement was signed by Pakistan yesterday. Muftah Ismail added that he was grateful to the Chinese government for its assistance in remittances and transactions.

It should be noted that after the fall of Imran Khan’s government, the current coalition government had started talks on loans with the IMF and the Chinese government.