Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry Holds Seminar on Empowering Women Entrepreneurship.

by: TN Media News Pakistan:
The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry’s Central Standing Committee on Women’s Style, Beauty & Skincare recently held a seminar on empowering women entrepreneurship in the beauty and clothing industries. The event, held on May 20th, at FPCCI Auditorium aimed to highlight the importance of promoting women’s participation in these sectors for innovation and societal change.

With a focus on empowerment strategies such as education, mentorship, access to funding, and breaking gender stereotypes, the seminar emphasized the significance of supporting women entrepreneurs. Distinguished speakers shared success stories and best practices, underscoring the role of women’s entrepreneurship in economic empowerment.

FPCCI High-ranking officials including Vice President Asif Sakhi and Vice President Aman Paracha lauded the efforts of Convener Zehra Zahid, whose dedication and vision were instrumental in orchestrating the event and her unwavering commitment to advancing women’s entrepreneurship was acknowledged with a prestigious shield from FPCCI presented by them. Mian Zahid Hussain also commended Zehra Zahid for her contributions. Special thanks was also extended to guest speakers including Dr. Tasneem Kauser, Ms. Zoobia Azeem, Dr. Nausheen Shahzad, Mrs. Shamsa Ahmed, Dr. Sumayya Jamal, Dr. Samina Aslam, as well as Committee Speakers Prince Miran Haider, Ms. Tamkeen Zaib, and Mr. Muzammil Malik for their impactful speeches.

The event concluded with appreciation for longstanding dedication, as Prince Miran Haider, Mr. Saeed Ahmed Saeed, and Ms. Memoona Khurram were honored with appreciation shields. The seminar exemplified a commitment to fostering women’s entrepreneurship and encouraging continued support for women in business.

Convener Zehra Zahid and Prince Miran Haider also presented appreciation shields to FPCCI Vice President Asif Sakhi , FPCCI Vice President Aman Paracha and Mian Zahid Hussain.

 Notable persons who were present included  Shahzad Mobeen, Shaukat Jillani, Farah Javed, Mubashir Mir, Hameed Bhutto, and others.

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