HomeNet Pakistan Celebrates Home-Based Worker Day, Recognizing Women’s Resilience and Empowerment.

by: Abdul Rahim Khan Ghouri Karachi:
HomeNet Pakistan celebrated Home-Based Worker Day, a day dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the contributions of home-based workers, with a particular focus on the empowerment and resilience of women in the remote workforce. In recent years, the global workforce has experienced a significant shift towards remote and home-based work, and women have been at the forefront of this transformation, showcasing remarkable resilience, multitasking abilities, and a strong determination to excel in a work environment that often intertwines with their home life.

International Home-Based Worker Day is an occasion to acknowledge the growing workforce of home-based workers, highlighting their dedication, resilience, and adaptability. HNP decided to mark this important day to pay tribute to the millions of individuals who have embraced remote work while managing household responsibilities.

Women today are more independent, vocal, and bold in their pursuit of opportunities, often creating them for themselves. Home-based workers are no exception to this trend. HomeNet Pakistan celebrated Home-Based Worker Day by engaging workers in various activities. These activities included promoting the CHARTER OF DEMAND, explaining the legal rights and protections available to workers, and raising awareness about basic occupational health and safety practices and potential hazards.

HomeNet Pakistan’s primary objective is to empower workers across various sectors, whether industrial, home-based, or domestic. Since its inception in 2005, HNP is actively engaged thousands of women across Pakistan in diverse training and sensitization programs, enhancing their work capabilities.

The celebration of Home-Based Worker Day was filled with enthusiasm and motivation. The HNP team organized various activities and games to bring happiness and solidarity among the workers. Home-based workers raised banners and charts to demand their rights and express their concerns about violence against women, both at home and in the workplace.

In an effort to promote environmental sustainability, workers participated in a plantation activity, contributing to the fight against climate change. Several plants were distributed to workers to emphasize the importance of having greenery in their communities.

HomeNet Pakistan remains committed to supporting and empowering home-based workers, particularly women, and will continue to work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable working environment for them.


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