International Coordinator Khadijah Malik Celebrates after receiving an honorary doctorate degree and honorary certificates.

By: Syed Mussarat Khalil.
International Coordinator Khadija Malik celebrated the occasion by organizing a dinner reception after receiving the honorary Doctorate and honorary Certificates under the auspices of Passion international association and the International Federation of United Nation Friends at a local restaurant here recently. Ms. Khadija Malik is one of the prominent women in Jeddah. She is very active and serves to introduce Pakistanis to the Saudis. She is also assisting them in their welfare work. On the other hand, she is introducing Saudi personalities to Pakistanis.

Ms. Khadija Malik is also a prominent figure in media and public relations in Jeddah. Extremely active in the community. Under her leadership, the Pakistani and Saudi communities have jointly developed a number of social and cultural programs Last year, in 2021, Khadija Malik received a certificate from the International Federation of the United Nations in recognition of her services to welfare. This year, he was awarded the title of International Coordinator of the International Federation of the United Nations.

Excellency Dr. Hisham Al-Amoudi was the chief guest of the reception. A large number of male and female media professionals and social activists also attended. In 2020 Khadija Malik was awarded an honorary doctorate degree in spreading love and world peace. The certificate was delivered by Dr. Ismail Ahmed, founder and reactor of Passion International Association in Islamabad – Pakistan.

Last year in 2021 Khadija Malik received an honorary certificate from the International Federation of United Nation Friends in the racemization of her welfare service for the community. This year in 2022, Ms. Atika Mulla honoured Ms. Khadija Malik by awarding her honorary Certificate of International Coordinator on behalf of the International Federation of United Nations Friends. In 2022

Dr. Khadija Malik expressed her deep thanks and appreciation to Dr. Ismail Al-Sharqawi.
During the ceremony, congratulations were exchanged from male and female media professionals, expressing their happiness and joy at the success of their colleague, Khadija Malik, and her reaching this stage of success, and this indicates her distinguished career.

At the end of the ceremony, Khadija Malik thanked all those who shared the joy of her success She especially thanked the leader of the Top One Motorcycle Team, Captain Fayez Bathaf, Captain Hani Al-Halawani, the editor-in-chief of Latifa magazine, Dr. Latifa Al-Rasheed, the businesswoman Rawa’a Mira, the members of the Saudi Media Forum and the social activist Ihsan Hawsawi for their presence and participation.

Dinner was served and souvenir photos were taken on this occasion.

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