Iqama is not being renewed despite payment of traffic challan, what to do?

by: TN Media News:
In addition to issuing and renewing residence permits for foreigners living in Saudi Arabia, the Department of Legal Affairs is responsible for the issues of exit, re-entry and final exit. Those people whose exit permit and Iqama (resident permit) have expired must have to extend the period of Iqama to issue final exit again.

In this regard, a person inquired regarding the renewal of the iqama on Jawazaat’s (passport department) Twitter account, “The required fee was paid to renew the iqama, but the iqama was not renewed.” Later it came to know that Iqama is not being renewed due to a traffic challan (traffic violation).

Despite paying the traffic challan, the iqama renewal process could not be completed. What to do in this case? Answering the question, it was said on behalf of the person responsible for justifications that “to solve the problem in this case, log on to Abshar account where the problem is recorded in a short and concise manner on the communication (Tawaswal) service”.

In addition, the Jawazaat further said that once the problem is uploaded on the communication service, it is resolved within 7 days excluding the weekly holiday. Please note that the cases of foreign nationals, who are registered with their sponsor’s Abshar, are resolved on the Abshar account contact service. The person whose Abshar account is used for communication services must be related to the same person as a worker, otherwise, the case is rejected.

In order to use the communication service correctly, it is mandatory to select the same field in which accuracy is required. If the matter is regarding the renewal of Iqama, then the sector will be chosen for the renewal of Iqama, and the same sector should be chosen for exit re-entry or final exit. Workers who are outside the Kingdom on an exit re-entry visa must select the field of ‘Expatriate Affairs’ to extend their residence or exit re-entry visa.

Some people simply choose ‘Iqama issues’ to extend the exit re-entry visa period of expatriate workers, which is incorrect and the submitted application is automatically rejected.

In this regard, Jawazaat says that ‘choosing the correct department is very important for timely acquisition of relevant services so that there is no delay in the execution of the matter and the matter can be completed on time’.

It should be noted that the issues for the migrants who have gone inside and outside the country are different. Keeping in view of the issues, the communications service has been designated to solve the problems of the workers’ families.


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