TikTok Hosts ‘Insights on Wheels’ Event to Discuss Innovative Marketing for KSA’s Food Services Sector.

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia :  TikTok recently hosted over 100 leaders from the food services industry in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at an exclusive ‘Insights on Wheels’ event on May 28th, 2024. Industry decision-makers were invited to explore the cravings journey on TikTok, highlighting how cutting-edge digital strategies can convert cravings into orders through the platform’s content, context and communities.

The transformational session, which took place at the Almashtal Creative Incubator in Riyadh, was designed to strengthen ecosystem support for the food services industry in the Kingdom by providing brands with innovative marketing strategies and compelling content ideas. The initiative is part of TikTok’s commitment to cultivate a dynamic business environment in the region by equipping brands with the tools necessary for creating impactful campaigns that enhance visibility, build meaningful connections with their audiences and drive conversions, ensuring their sustained success in a competitive market.

With 71% of users in Saudi Arabia engaging with fast food content on TikTok, industry representatives gained valuable insights on how to leverage the platform’s ‘Anatomy of Appetite’ concept. This strategy hinges on three key cues: immersive content that captivates, an uplifting context that enhances their cravings, and influential community endorsements that drive consumer preferences and shape the food culture.

The themed event featured a static food truck where guests could order “Slices of Insights,” “Data Nuggets,” “Scoops of Solutions,” “Creative Juices,” and “Freshly Baked Trends,” materials designed to provide tailored marketing insights and strategies. These offerings were served up in takeaway bags filled with specific information related to the chosen themes, followed by a comprehensive presentation about utilizing TikTok to foster brand love and ensure effective consumer engagements at scale.

Aref Yehia, Head of Business Partnerships for Retail & E-Commerce, Global Business Solutions, MENA – TikTok, said: “The swift transformation of Saudi Arabia’s food services sector demands dynamic solutions for brands to create compelling experiences that deeply resonate with consumers. Our research has revealed that 80% of GCC users have visited a restaurant after interacting with content or ads on TikTok.

This suggests that consumers are increasingly drawn to engaging content that is not only immersive and enjoyable but also framed in a positive context and endorsed by trusted community voices on our platform. This interactive event is part of our ongoing effort to empower business leaders with actionable insights, enabling them to effectively harness every tool on our platform to convert these engagement cues into tangible outcomes.”


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