Karachi Kings fans might be some of the unhappiest people on Earth these days.

Karachi Kings fans might be some of the unhappiest people on Earth these days.
Karachi Kings fans might be some of the unhappiest people on Earth these days.

Wasim Akram ‘scolding’ Babar Azam was the last thing Karachi Kings fans needed. Their team has been knocked out of the PSL 7 play-offs and after Wednesday night’s seven-wicket loss to the Multan Sultans, the Kings now have eight consecutive defeats in a row, a first in PSL history. As if things weren’t bad enough, fans saw their favorite captain, Babar Azam, being apparently told off by franchise president Wasim Akram as a camera focused on the two mid-game. Suffice to say moods turned even more sour after that.

Akram and Azam were caught talking on camera, with Akram gesturing towards the field and Azam throwing his hands up in defeat. People interpreted it as Akram scolding Azam. The former cricketer responded to the pictures on Twitter, saying the situation was blown out of proportion. “What I was saying was ‘why our bowlers are not bowling yorkers or slower ones offside off’. Nothing else . Babar is a wonderful boy and has tried his best. And what he wants for dinner,” he wrote.

But his explanation didn’t reach many fans who went after him on Twitter. “Sorry legend, but this is not the way to treat with a champion,” read a tweet addressing Akram on social media.

“This is just not acceptable,” said one user.
“He is our hero and the world’s best cricket player. Winning and losing is part of the game, you cannot scold him like this!” another exclaimed.
Azam doesn’t need a PSL win, he’s already the best in the world, chanted the KK and Babar Azam fan clubs collectively. Fans have previously touted Azam as the Karachi Kings’ sole line of defence, saying he’s been carrying the team on his own and that’s certainly not one man’s responsibility.
“PSL performance doesn’t matter,” a fan said. “Babar Azam is born to rule international Cricket that’s it!”
Azam fans have always outweighed Azam critics so far. The love they have for their captain is just too pure.
“Is smile pe 10 PSL trophies qurban [His smile is worth 10 PSL trophies],” a tweet read.
Overall, even their beloved Azam isn’t enough to lift up fan spirits on Twitter.

Karachi Kings’ fans right now:
Memes and sarcasm are perhaps the only way Kings fans are coping in these tough times. “Once again I must remind everyone that the legend Salman Iqbal partnered with the government’s sports channel to bring us the PSL in HD so we could all watch Karachi Kings go 0-10 in crystal clear quality,” quipped one user.

“Karachi Kings to all other teams”
Apparently it’s been a long time since the Kings actually won a PSL match. “Last time Karachi Kings won a PSL Match, Petrol price was Rs110,” a tweet reminded everyone. It’s a tough time to be loyal to the Karachi Kings. Our condolences (and respect) to all those who’ve vehemently stuck it out in the fan club so far. Maybe 2023 is when the Karachi Kings will finally bounce back.

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