Pakistan Social Association President Maqbool Ahmed Ghori’s father’s cremation has been paid.

by: Ahmad Sjaid Haveli Lakha.
President of Pakistan Social Association Haveli Lakha, Maqbool Ahmed Tabsum Ghori, father of SDO WAPDA, was given the khatlam chalum of his elder son Maqbool Ahmed Ghori.

Maulana Syed Naseeruddin Shah Sahib said in his speech that the religion of Islam promotes peace and brotherhood.

Today, it is regrettable that the young people of the Muslim Ummah are far away from the religion.

The distance is maintained, make sure to pay five times prayer. On this occasion, Sanakhan Rasool Ghulam Mustafa Lahore, Naleen Mustafa Hafiz Fazal Ahmed Shakir, Muhammad Ahmed Faridi and Jahat Hussain Muhammad Bilal Muhammadi Saifi offered devotional prayers.

Bilal Muhammadi Saifi Mian Muhammad Hanif Rahmani Saqib Irfan Qari Ghulam Rasool and other social and political personalities of Central Jamaat Ahlesunnat Haveli Lakha participated and recited Fatiha for the deceased.


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