Condemnation of the bomb blast in Peshawar Police Lines.

By: Ahmad Sajid Haveli Lakha.
The massacre of many Pakistanis and worshipers in the bomb blast during prayers in Peshawar mosque is sad and condemnable.

These views were expressed by Senior Vice President of Pakistan Social Association Haveli Lakha Rae Muhammad Aslam while talking to the media.

He said that for stability and peace in Pakistan, along with the elimination of extremists, the elimination of extremist thinking is also necessary.

Anti-Pakistan elements are suffering from cowardice and are involved in cowardly activities. Our morale is not going to be dampened by the continuous incidents of terrorism.

The day is not far when these terrorists and their facilitators will reach the level of infidelity.

In this incident of terrorism. I strongly condemn and demand that a targeted operation be launched immediately in the areas of Quetta and Peshawar and bring the wrongdoers to justice.

He expressed his condolences to the families of the martyrs who were martyred in the tragedy and prayed to Allah for the high status of the martyrs and the speedy recovery of the injured.


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