Pakistani Cricketer Shadab Khan Joins Punjab Police, Adding a New Chapter to His Off-Field Pursuits

by: TN Media News Pakistan:

“Pakistani Cricket Star Shadab Khan Embarks on a New Innings with Punjab Police”

In a noteworthy development, Shadab Khan, the accomplished all-rounder of the Pakistan cricket team, has officially joined the ranks of Punjab Police, marking a significant stride in his off-field pursuits. The announcement was made through an official statement on social media, where the Punjab Police revealed that Shadab Khan has been bestowed with the honorary rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) by Dr Usman Anwar, the province’s top cop.

Expressing his gratitude and acknowledging the honor, Shadab Khan remarked, “It is an honor for me to be appointed as a brand ambassador by Punjab IG.” This move not only adds a distinctive chapter to Shadab’s personal journey but also strengthens the bond between sports and law enforcement, emphasizing the positive impact public figures can have in diverse roles.

In his role as the brand ambassador for Punjab Police, Shadab Khan is expected to contribute to various initiatives and awareness campaigns. The statement highlighted that, post-appointment, the cricket sensation was briefed about the functioning of different departments within the provincial police.

This strategic collaboration between Shadab Khan and Punjab Police not only recognizes the cricketer’s stature as a role model but also underscores the importance of engaging influential personalities in promoting community welfare and law enforcement causes. As Shadab steps into his new role, cricket enthusiasts and the public alike will be keenly watching the positive impact he is set to make beyond the cricket field.”


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