The United States was about to break Pakistan’s nuclear deterrence

by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid

The United States was about to break Pakistan’s nuclear deterrence …At that time General Shuja Pasha, a devoted son of the soil, in a very bold and courageous manner had turned the tide on the impure intentions of internal and external snakes.

Why Pak Army Intervenes???
If you read this article, you will find the answer yourself; the deeds will be known.
The honesty and patriotism of our Pak Army soldiers are not hidden from anyone. When our enemies planned to hurt Pakistan and its people then the sons of the soil of the Pak Army have saved us by shedding their blood and protecting us from any threat.

As you all know, when our enemies fail to impose their plans directly on us, then they intensify their efforts to harm us by using Pakistan’s traitors and political filth. As a former US parliamentarian made clear in his interview, Pakistani politicians can sell their mothers for money. A similar game was played in the past.

From 2008 to 2011, the United States recruited hundreds of agents (CIA, Blackwater, Dine Corps and other private spies) through the Zardari government. Blackwater and private American agent contractors were transported from the runway of Lahore Airport in government vehicles to the American Consulate in Lahore and Islamabad without any hindrance.

The magnificent houses in Islamabad were given to the Blackwater spies and all this was approved directly by the Zardari government. All this work was done by Mr. 10% for dollars. Gave open concessions to America. Someone should learn from Zardari to sell his mother for money

(Perhaps they forgot that the defenders of the homeland were silent but not blind.)
It was General Shuja Pasha who exposed all the secret American spies, so the United States plotted against him by writing a book in which General Shuja Pasha was defamed. This shows that America has no limits, it can go beyond its limits in order to peruse its goals.

When General Ahmad Shuja Pasha received complete and clear evidence from the Markhors, he boldly looked into the eyes of the world’s most powerful CIA and asked questions about their dubious operations in Pakistan and their motives. , General Pasha reveals the presence of several CIA spies in Pakistan who were active in various suspicious activities on Pakistani soil.

The American spies who were brought into Pakistan by the Zardari government for money did not come here to eat faluda or Sindhi biryani, they were brought here to paralyze and Break the nuclear power of our country. My question for Pakistani and especially Sindhi speaking brothers that whom are you giving your votes to????????

God may have mercy on us and the future of your children or you will perish.
When General Shuja Pasha demanded that the United States hand over the list of spies to him, the CIA chief mocked the ISI chief’s demands and not only rejected them but also sabotaged the revelations. As a result, General Shuja Pasha did with the United States what no one could have imagined….

The ISI began killing dozens of American spies. They were introduced in Pakistan by the Zardari government in exchange for dollars. These agents came to Pakistan on recon ops of Pakistan’s nuclear assets. They were preyed upon by ISI trained sharpshooter Snipers while taking pictures of sensitive areas of Baluchistan and our nuclear sensitive areas around Kahuta.

Then came the cries of America the Brave which were heard all over the world but now America could not openly tell the world the story that her spies were treated well by Pakistanis because they were all involved in illegal suspicious activities and it will defame the credibility of America and CIA, so the US has started making noise and dancing in the world that our tourists are disappearing in Pakistan.

This was the brain of General Shuja Pasha, who had paralyzed America. General Pasha captured more American agents. Raymond Davis exposed the unquestionable and unabashed activities of the United States on Pakistani soil, especially its capture, which exposed the CIA’s covert operations and nefarious plans in Pakistan.

The Pentagon bowed its head in shame. In fact, General Ahmad Shuja Pasha stood like a rock in front of the US and CIA to protect Pakistan’s national interests. They expelled CIA and Blackwater spies engaged in covert activities on Pakistani soil and shut down CIA covert operations.

This bold move by General Ahmad Shuja Pasha has made him a proud son of Pakistan.
In 2011, CIA Director Michael Morrell threatened Shuja Pasha at a meeting that we would cut off 8 billion dollars in military aid to Pakistan. General Shuja Pasha replied: We do not need your offering. We will continue this war on our own and will not allow CIA spies to stay here.
According to the BBC documentary “Secret Pakistan”, the ISI has been controlling the entire jihad against the US in Afghanistan and the re-emergence of the Taliban in Afghanistan is truly the victory of DG ISI General Shuja Pasha. It became possible after General Shuja Pasha became DG ISI.

During this period, the difficulties for the United States in Afghanistan increased to such an extent that under American pressure, the then President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani tried to subordinate the ISI to the Interior Ministry. When that failed, ISI tried to shut down section “S”, which is blamed for the Afghan jihad. These are your politicians who sell their mothers for money.
According to Edward Snowden, a fugitive American CIA spy, the United States spends 23 23 billion annually on spying on Pakistan’s nuclear assets and weapons alone (22 times more than the total budget of the Pakistan Army). He has failed to access these weapons. The reason is ISI and Pakistan’s defence agencies. Alhamdulillah

General Ahmed Shuja Pasha’s courage and intelligence were very much to the disliking of America, which is why it had created some elements that criticize General Ahmed Shuja Pasha. The purpose of these elements is only to fulfil the foreign agenda because the concrete steps of General Ahmad Shuja Pasha were not being digested by the United States.

At the same time, some elements are criticizing General Ahmad Shuja Pasha for achieving political goals. But General Ahmad Shuja Pasha has taken every step only for the interests of his country. Stopping CIA activities in Pakistan was not a trivial matter so we will all always pay tribute to General Ahmad Shuja. They are our anonymous heroes.

ISI, the protector of Pakistan and its nuclear assets, is the last line of defence.

Long live the Pak forces!      Long live the ISI!         Long live Pakistan!

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