Pak Suzuki Sells Over 15,000 Units in a Month Once Again

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) continues to enjoy a lion’s share of the local car market due to its expansive presence and relatively cheap cars. According to a recent report from, the company has once again sold over 15,100 units in a month.

The automaker has sold 15,000 units in a month for the 3rd time within 7 months. The report adds that the aforementioned sales figures do not include those of the new Suzuki Swift.

PSMC is a top contender in Pakistan’s car market with a relatively diverse lineup of small cars. It currently has an edge over other manufacturers with a share of over 60 percent in the automotive sector.

Sources have stated that PSMC is bumping up production to meet the rising demand for its vehicles and that it will continue to enjoy the largest market share in the country due to its emphasis on economy cars.
True to the expert opinion, the demand for cars is still rising despite the price hikes. PSMC’s strong sales imply that other carmakers may have enjoyed similar success in the previous month.