PCB Bans Horns Inside Gaddafi Stadium for Pakistan-Australia Series

Pakistan cricket fans will no longer be allowed to take horns (vuvuzela) into the stadium for the rest of the Pakistan and Australia white-ball series. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to ban the use of vuvuzela after complaints from players and officials.

According to details, the players from both sides complained that the use of vuvuzelas makes it hard to communicate and focus on the game as the noise is too distracting. The use of vuvuzelas also irked the fans on social media as they urged the PCB to ban the instrument as it ruined the experience of watching the match.

Earlier, Australia’s Test captain, Pat Cummins had also expressed his displeasure at the use of the vuvuzelas during the Test series between Pakistan and Australia. Cummins had stated that the fans in Pakistan were incredible but the horns were a bit too loud and annoying.

PCB has now officially taken the step to ban the vuvuzelas and has placed multiple banners outside Gaddafi Stadium to inform the fans that the vuvuzelas can no longer be used.
Vuvuzelas became popular during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The noisy instrument became the centre of controversy as the football players urged FIFA to ban its use during matches.

The use of vuvuzelas is banned in various stadiums and sports around the world. Lord’s Cricket Ground, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Wembley Stadium, and Wimbledon are some of the most famous stadiums to have banned the instrument.


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