State, Constitution and People of Pakistan

As rightly pointed out by Ahmed Raza Kasuri,the constitution lays down the priorities, Article 5 deals with loyalty to State of Pakistan,where as Article 6 deals with the book of constitution.If a clash takes place between two and the choice is to save one,it will definitely be the State of Pakistan.

71 Breakup of Pakistan occurred when politico military leadership remained embroiled in finding solution through constitution and political wrestling. Yahya Khan and his military cabal believed that infighting between PPP and Awami League was an organic process and military would be able to play as ultimate body thought of rising temperatures and possibility of breakup of the state. Current impasse has a lot in common with 71.

More recently Venuezwella witnessed two power structures, The 2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis came to a head when the National Assembly stated that the results of the May 2018 presidential election were invalid and declared National Assembly president Juan Guaidó to be the acting president, citing several clauses of the 1999 Venezuelan Constitution. So Venuezwella had two presidents and two governments.

Looking at Power struggle in Islamabad and Punjab,we may witness two CMs in Punjab with two assemblies. Without getting into details, bottom line is that State is being sacrificed for constitution. Total number of MPs and Senators is not more than 1500,these ladies and gentlemen are playing with the State of Pakistan through cutthroat power grab and open bidding.

Economic woes of Pakistan are obvious,the self created Hybrid War against state of Pakistan may trigger centrifugal forces in smaller provinces, our fault lines( ethnic, sectarian, subnational and class) are just waiting to implode..imagine TLP and PTM asking for moon.

If we keep waiting to interpret the book of constitution in courts and allow these 1500 MPs to ruin Pakistan,the State will be left with little room tomorrow.

Need for immediate and emergency steps. The State of Pakistan needs to survive, these 1500 MPs with self interests are not Pakistan.