Consume fruits and vegetables with high water content in summer protects from the effects of heat, Addiya Wahaj.

By Syed Mussarat Khalil.
Nutritionist expert Addiya Wahaj said consume fruits and vegetables with high water content in summer protects from the effects of heat. She was conducting a ceremony from the plate form of Calwatch to warmly welcome the heated weather and to enjoy the upcoming school holidays during the summer.

Social active women from Pakistani community living in Saudi Arabia included well-known Dr. Rakhshinda Puri, Educationists Azra Nishat, Educationists Nahal Khan, Shifa Ahmed, Nada Adnan, Event organizer Amara Irfan besides Dr. Atiya Baig, Salma Jahanzeb, Madhat Rauf, Sehrish Arsalan, Hafsa Samad, Mehka Fahad, Nusrat Jabeen, Maryam, and other women attended the ceremony.

The event featured nutritious drinks and dishes. The participants said that we welcome the hot summer days and nights together for the warmth of the sun.
We wait for the summer vacation whole the year to go to our country Pakistan and see our parents and relatives, they added.

Adiya Wahaj had arranged delicious fruits, colorful drinks and light snacks full of nutrients to make the sun’s warming rays into a cup and said that in summer season we should all get as much water and nutrition as possible. Stuffed drinks should be used.

Summer is officially the best time to make a variety of delicious drinks and smoothies due to the abundance of seasonal fruits such as cherries, strawberries, mangoes, peaches, apricots, watermelons and pineapples.

At the end participants thanked Adiya Wahaj for this wonderful combination of the importance of summer, seasonal fruits and drinks.

TN Media News