Favors of Afghans to Pakistan.

(Regarding the book “Fareeb Natamam” by Juma Khan Sufi)
On September 30, 1947, Afghanistan became the only country in the world to vote against Pakistan’s membership in the United Nations.nIn September 1947, the Afghan government planted a fake flag of “Pashtunistan” along with the Afghan flag in Kabul and founded the Azad Pashtunistan movement.

As early as 1947, the Afghan envoy Najibullah demanded that the fledgling Muslim state of Pakistan withdraw from FATA and give a corridor to the sea controlled by the Afghan government, or else threaten war. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah did not even like to answer this stupid demand.

In 1948, Afghanistan opened a new ministry called “Tribes” whose job was only to incite Pakistani tribesmen against Pakistan.nIn 1948, Prince Abdul Karim Baloch became a terrorist training camp against Pakistan in Afghanistan.
In 1949, Russian-made Afghan Air Force planes dropped pamphlets in the tribal areas of Pakistan in which they tried to incite the tribal people to support the Pashtunistan movement.

On August 31, 1949, a jirga was held in Kabul under the auspices of the Afghan government, in which both Bacha Khan and Mirza Ali Khan participated. In this Jirga it was decided to celebrate Pashtunistan Day on “31st August” every year. In the same Jirga, he refused to recognize the existence of Pakistan

In 1949, Afghanistan attacked Pakistan with its entire force and local militia from Chaman. Which was not only repulsed by the fledgling Pakistan Army, but also took away many areas of Afghanistan.
which were returned at the request of the Afghan government.

In 1954, Group Commander “Maher Ali” surrendered to Deputy Commissioner Bannu and declared his loyalty to Pakistan, after which the movement ended. In 1950, Afghanistan signed a treaty of friendship with India, which had a specific agenda to encircle and eliminate Pakistan by any means.

In September 1950, the Afghan army attacked Dobandi area in Balochistan without warning. The purpose of which was to cut the Chaman to Taquita railway link. After a week of clashes between the Pakistani and Afghan forces, the Afghan army retreated with heavy losses. Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan strongly protested the Afghan government on this incident.

On October 16, 1951, an Afghan nationalist terrorist “Saad Akbar Babarj” Mardud shot and killed the first and supreme leader of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan in Rawalpindi. The killing took place at the behest of the Afghan government, but it refused any involvement to avoid international pressure.

The martyrdom of Liaquat Ali Khan was the first incident of terrorism and target killing in Pakistan, that is, Afghanistan started terrorism in Pakistan. On January 6, 1952, Shah Wali Khan, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Great Britain, while giving an interview to the Indian newspaper “The Hindu” blasphemed that “In Pashtunistan we are from Chitral, Dir, Swat, Bajaur, Tirah, Waziristan and Baluchistan.” Areas will include”-

On November 26, 1953, the new ambassador of Afghanistan “Ghulam Yahya Khan Tarzi” visited Moscow and asked Russia (Soviet Union) for help against Pakistan. In response, he assured full support to Afghanistan.

On March 28, 1955, Afghanistan’s Sardar “Daud Khan” made a very poisonous speech against Pakistan after receiving Russia’s approval, after which Afghan citizens in Kabul, Jalalabad and Kandahar started violent protests against Pakistan on March 29. The Pakistani embassy was attacked and vandalized and the Pakistani flag was desecrated. After which Pakistan severed diplomatic relations with Afghanistan and recalled the diplomatic staff.

In 55 AD, Sardar Dawood etc. installed very big poles on the border of Pakistan, on which propaganda against Pakistan was spread. It was probably Afghanistan’s first disinformation war against Pakistan that used technology to incite the Pashtuns. Its most recent form is Devoh and Mishal Radio which gave birth to PTM.

In 1955, the Afghan government ordered the mobilization of the Afghan army. On which General Ayub Khan issued a statement that “If Afghanistan commits any kind of aggression, it will be taught a lesson that it cannot forget”. After which they stopped. In the same days, Russia’s ambassador to Afghanistan “Mikhail V. Dagtyre” assured full military assistance to Afghanistan in case of war.

In November 1955, a few thousand Afghan armed tribal fighters attacked Balochistan in the form of groups in the 160 km border area. The escape of these armed Afghans from the Pakistan Army continued for several days. In March 1960, the Afghan army started shelling Bajaur Agency with machine guns and mortars from their border positions. After which 26 planes of Pakistan Air Force bombed the positions of Afghan army.

On September 28, 1960, the Afghan army attacked Bajaur Agency with the help of a few tanks and infantry.
Pakistan Army once again pushed back the Afghan army causing heavy losses. During the 1960s, the bombing of the Afghan army by the Pakistan Air Force continued intermittently. In the 1960s itself, training camps for the terrorism of Sher Muhammad Marri against Pakistan were built in Afghanistan.

In May 1961, Afghanistan launched another limited attack on Bajaur, Jindol and Khyber. This time the attack was countered by the Frontier Corps and this time also the attack was turned away by the bombardment of the Pakistan Air Force. The Afghan government denied the reality of the attack. In July 1963, due to the efforts of King Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan opened their borders and restored relations. After that there was peace for two years

In 1965, when India attacked Pakistan, Afghanistan seized the opportunity and attacked Mahinda Agency again. People were surprised how India attacked from Afghanistan side. Later it was found that it was done by Afghans. This attack was repulsed by the local Pashtuns. In the 1970s, Afghanistan built training camps for the ANP’s “angry Pashtuns” and Balochs. The so-called pioneers of non-violence Ajmal Khattak and Afrasiab Khattak were part of this campus.

In 1971, when the KGB was annexing Pakistan with India, its agents used to sit in Afghanistan. At that time, Afghans used to declare that Pakistan will now have four parts after two. In 1972, Ajmal Khattak of ANP started work on reorganizing the Pashtunistan movement on the leadership of Afghanistan. However, by this time, Afghanistan had realized that the Pashtunistan movement had failed miserably, so it now started instigating the “Free Balochistan” movement and military training of Baloch separatists in collaboration with India. However, Afghan sabotage continued in the name of Pashtunistan.

After continuous conspiracies and anti-Pakistani activities on the part of Afghanistan, finally, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfikar Bhutto, decided to start organized secret activities against Afghanistan for the first time in response. In 1973, pro-Afghan elements in Peshawar formed a new organization for the Pashtunistan movement under the name of “Pashtun Zalmi”.

In 1974, Afghanistan issued a “Lowe Pashtunistan” stamp. The photo is with the post. In February 1975, the pro-Afghan organization “Pashtun Zalmi” martyred Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governor Hayat Khan Sherpao in a bomb blast. On April 8, 1978, the Russian-backed communist party “People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan” launched an uprising in Kabul with the help of Russian weapons and a few Russian planes, which was named “Taurus Revolution”.

As a result, thousands of Afghans, including President Dawood, were brutally killed and a communist government was established in Afghanistan. Communist President Najib declared general support for “Low Pashtunistan” upon assuming power. In 1979, the Afghan people stood up against the communist government with all their might and the communists could not stop the people’s revolution despite massacring thousands of Afghans. Seeing their government in danger, the communists, especially Najib, invited Russia to invade Afghanistan

On December 24, 1979, Russia invaded Afghanistan. The Russians trampled the whole of Afghanistan and reached the Torkham border and announced that they would make the Indus River their border, i.e. take Balochistan and KP. The Russian and Afghan communist forces heated up the market of killings in Afghanistan which is unprecedented in history. On this occasion, Pakistan gave shelter and protection to more than three million Afghans and fully supported the Afghan Mujahideen against Russia.

In 1980, the training camps of the terrorist organization Zulfikar of the People’s Party were built in Afghanistan. The same organization basically martyred the President of Pakistan, General Zia-ul-Haq, along with seventeen generals of the Pakistan Army. From 1979 to 1989, the Russian Air Force bombed the Pakistani border areas several times. KGB and Afghan Agency Khad, with the help of ANP, carried out several acts of terrorism in Pakistan, as a result of which hundreds of Pakistanis, mostly Pashtuns, were martyred.

Since 2006, Afghanistan’s new agency NDS, along with Indian agency RAW, has been supporting around fifty different terrorist organizations, including the TTP, in Pakistan. In the joint operations of all these organizations, 60,000 Pakistanis, mostly Pashtuns, have lost their lives so far, over three lakhs have been injured and thousands are still displaced as IDPs. Pakistan has lost at least 100 billion dollars.

It is not possible to cover the terrorist attacks that Afghanistan carried out in Pakistan in these fifteen years in one article. In the same period, the United States started its own special radio service on the borders of FATA and Baluchistan in Afghanistan called Doh and Mashal, which are almost entirely staffed by Afghans or pioneers from Lower Pashtunistan. These radio channels started inciting the Pashtuns in these two areas against Pakistan and Pakistan’s forces.

Among the terrorist attacks that Afghanistan carried out in Pakistan, the biggest attack was on APS on December 16, 2014, in which 7 Afghan terrorists attacked Army Public School in Peshawar on the plan of Indian RAW and Afghan NDS. 150 children and teachers were brutally martyred. In June 2016, the Afghan National Army attacked the Pakistan Army that had installed a gate at the Torkham border and martyred Major Ali Jawad Khan of the Pakistan Army.

In the counter-attack of the Pakistan Army, the Afghan forces fled leaving their check posts and even the fort. Later requested Pakistan to treat the injured soldiers which Pakistan accepted. On May 5, 2017, India’s Shah Pakar Afghan National Army attacked Chaman, Balochistan with heavy weapons, in which 2 Pakistani soldiers and 9 Pakistani civilians (Pashtuns) were martyred and around 40 were injured. In response, 50 Afghan soldiers were killed and 5 military posts were destroyed in the attack of Pakistan Army.

Apart from this, after every few days, terrorists are continuously attacking Pakistani border posts from Afghan territory. No one can deny that all the terrorist organizations operating in FATA, Balochistan and KPK have their centers in Afghanistan. On the other hand, Devoh and Mashal’s continuous hard work paid off.  And just when the resettlement and reconstruction process was going on in FATA after defeating the huge proxy of Afghanistan, in 2018, a new movement of Pashtuns was launched from Waziristan again in the name of PTM. The Afghan President and the Afghan Parliament declared their support.

Afghans started a series of protests in favor of this movement all over the world including Afghanistan. Thus, they tried to present it as a global movement of Pashtuns. In the same movement, “Death to Pakistan”. “Long Live the Israeli Army”. “Behind Terrorism”. “Luro bar yo Pashtun (Loye Pashtunistan)” and slogans of independence from Pakistan were started. Afghan poets wrote poetry in its favor, wrote ghazals, Afghan painters started creating free art for the movement. Which went viral on social media.

The Tajik cap with tassels, which had never been seen or worn before in Pakistani Pashtun areas, was distributed free of charge as a symbol of the movement. Afghanis who live in Pakistan or who have studied Urdu in Pakistani universities have created fake accounts and started anti-Pakistani propaganda supporting this new movement on a massive scale. PTM opponents or supporters of Pakistan started being targeted. Malik Maturke, Malik Abbas and SP Tahir Daur are some examples of this. SP Tahir Daur was lured to Afghanistan by NDS personnel and then the Afghan government refused to hand over his body to Pakistan after killing him. That body was handed over to PTM

A few days ago when Pakistan Army shot down Indian planes, all Afghan social media expressed solidarity with India and announced to support India in case of war. In Afghanistan itself, a secret meeting led by NDS and Mullah Toor was revealed in which the TTP decided to take revenge on Pakistan for shooting down an Indian ship. Announced free admissions for FATA students. The students who went to Afghanistan in this scam have not been found yet.

Two days ago, eight people from Waziristan were martyred in Paktika just because they were Pakistanis. A couple of years ago, an Afghan soldier had similarly killed Pakistani Pashtuns who had gone to Afghanistan for labor and then made a video of it. According to Hasan Khan Sahib, “Just being a Pakistani Pashtun gives the Afghan army a license to kill him”.

This is the history of Afghanistan’s terrorism and infiltration in Pakistan, which never allowed Pakistan to breathe Sikhs or Pashtuns.


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