GM Punjab Masstransit Authority Presents Shields to PITB Senior Management In Appreciation For IT Services.

by: TN Media News:
On the occasion of hitting One Billion ridership, GM of Punjab Mass transit Authority (PMA) Ozair Shah lauded PITB for providing support in multiple areas including media, marketing and IT.

In this regard, GM presented shields to PITB’s DG e-Governance Sajid Latif and DG IT-Operations Faisal Yousaf.

Earlier this year, PITB and PMA signed a contract for IT Consultancy and Digital Content Development.
The contract envisaged facilitating PMA in promoting its six major mass transit projects in Lahore, Rawalpindi/Islamabad & Multan including Orange Line Metro Train Project.
Syed Bilal Haider Sajid Latif Faisal Yousaf Hasnain Iqbal Ammar Chaudhry Punjab Mass transit Authority.