Iqra University North Campus three Days International Conference

by: Abdul Rahim.
Former Federal Minister and Senator Javed Jabbar participated in the International three days hybrid conference on “Combating Climate Crisis” organized by IMAGINE – Institute of Future Studies at Iqra University North Campus. He said before I talk about the future or the present, I always feel we don’t know our future but have concerns. Javed Jabbar also said that national, regional, and global political will is urgently needed to work on preventive measures to tackle the future climate crisis.

He appreciated Dr. Shams Hamid and the IMAGINE – Institute of Futures studies team for focusing on the future and teaching future literacy to youth. He encouraged other universities to establish Institutes of Futures Studies and teach futures literacy.

Dr. Zhiyong Fu, Associate Professor at Tsinghua University, China, participated in the three-day International hybrid conference on “Combating Climate Crisis” organized by IMAGINE – Institute of Future Studies, at Iqra University.

Dr fu talked about the world’s challenges, global climate change, and the crises from the ecological environment to public health. The challenges of the Anthropocene make us transfer our focus from ourselves to the harmonious relationship between ecology, nature, and humankind.

AI technology has triggered a new discussion on the human-machine relationship, encouraging design researchers and practitioners to rethink the symbiosis of technology, society, and culture. It also brought about the transformation of the design process and method.

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