Forest Department Delegation Visits PITB For Development Of Forest Management Information System.

by: TN Media News:
Representatives from the Forest Department visited PITB to discuss the development of the Forest Management Information System.

During the discussion, Forest Department Manager GIS Shahid Imran was apprised of the scope of work and its importance for the conservation of Forest Resources in Punjab.

The system will aim at identifying Forest Area Cover across Punjab, GIS Mapping of Forest Resources, Identification of Available Space for Plantation, Tracking of Plantation Activities, Classification of Specie-Wise Plantations, Damage Assessment Mechanism for Forest Resources etc.
PITB Software Engineering Joint Director Badar Munir and IT-Ops Program Manager Saad Malik informed that the system would be devised by using an advanced technology platform with enhanced security features to guard the interests of the Forest Department.
Syed Bilal Haider Faisal Yousaf Ali Raza Kheiri Qaiser Shabbir Badar Munir Saad Malik Bilal Sikandar Nimra Asif Hasnain Iqbal Ammar Chaudhry