Embassy of Pakistan Niamey CELEBRATION OF QUAID DAY – 25 DECEMBER 2022

Sunday, 25th December 2022, To commemorate the 146 Birthday of the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Embassy of Pakistan in Niger in collaboration of the International University Mahmoud KAAT organized a ceremony. His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Ali Sirohey, Ambassador of Pakistan to Niger, local dignitaries including the Rector of KAAT University in Niamey Dr. Hadi, faculty members and Pakistani community participated in the program. This day was rich in information and education on the life of Sir Muhammad Ali Jinnah, an emblematic figure in the history of the contemporary world.

Students of KAAT University Niger & participants paid tribute to legend, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, by presenting speeches, poems and singing national songs in their melodious voices. Professor Dr. Ali Tasih a leading Researcher Scholar of Islamic history was the keynote speaker. The Vice Rector of KAAT University Dr. Hassan Rozi presented a biography of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Arabic. He recalled that he’s born on 25th December 1876 in Karachi and passed away on 11 September 1948. As a prominent lawyer and political leader, he joined Muslim league in 1913..

His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Ali Sirohey recalled that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was ranked as one of the ten most influential leader of our time. He left a legacy by founding a country, the Republic of Pakistan. Ambassador of Pakistan underscored that in the modern history of mankind, there are a few people who garnered such a wide popularity as our Quaid did. His determination to carve a nation out of chaos and relentless deprivation was miraculous and insuperable against all odds and challenges.

He had a firm faith in God and His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which guided him through a long journey comprising of ordeals, deceptions and dejection but culminating in grandeur, décor and eternity. He is a role model not merely for us but for Muslims of whole world because of the universal vision he instilled in the creation of Pakistan. With the adorable actions which spoke louder than words, he became an actual prototype of honesty and righteousness.

At the end, Dr Hadi, Rector of KAAT University in Niamey thanked His Excellency Ambassador of Pakistan and transmitted his warm greetings to the people of Pakistan for this special day. He pleaded for a long life and fruitful cooperation between Niger and Pakistan and KAAT University and Embassy of Pakistan.


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