Pakistan Navy under the patronage of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs (MoMA) is going to host a “Pakistan International Maritime Expo and Conference (PIMEC) in tandem with Pakistan Navy’s AMAN series at the Karachi Expo Centre from 10-12 February 2023 Being the 5th most populous economy globally with a population growth rate of nearly 2 percent, Pakistan might face acute food security challenges in the future. The extreme vulnerability to climate change needs new forms of decision-making, such as investing more in the blue economy because Pakistan might face food security problems related to the limited land and water resources Oceans contribute nearly US$1.5 trillion annually to the world’s economy.

Economists estimate that the estimated worldwide business worth of the blue economy is around $24 trillion per year. The world’s approximately 90% of trade takes place via oceans and 350 million jobs across the world are linked to fisheries. It is prognosticated that by 2025, the world’s 34% of crude oil production will come from oceans.

The aim of the conference is to bring together stakeholders and diverse Maritime industries on one platform to explore joint ventures and investment opportunities since a large number of trade and industry visitors including those from abroad will be invited to the show. This event is planned while considering the general lack of awareness and no past precedent of conduct of such an event in Pakistan. In this regard, various international exhibitions were reviewed and accessed. Some of the major international events which were analyzed include China Maritime Economy Expo, Myanmar Marine Expo, Asia Pacific Maritime (Singapore) and Euro Maritime Expo (France).

PIMEC will be the flagship event of Pakistan and is planned to be held biennially for demonstrating the latest technology of the national and international maritime industry The exhibition will serve as one of the international gatherings of entrepreneurs, R&D specialists, financial experts and top-level policymakers to boost cooperation, share knowledge and support ventures in the maritime field.

The soft launch of the premier edition of the Pakistan International Maritime Expo & Conference was held in Islamabad. On the soft launch of PIMEC Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Amjad Muhammad Khan Niazi conveyed his message that it will be a milestone event to bring together international and national stakeholders, creating a marketplace for presenting innovative ideas and showcasing our maritime potential and opportunities in this vast and dynamic field. It will afford participants and stakeholders.

first-hand opportunity in scoping, networking and hand-shake for forgoing cooperation through investments, collaborations and joint ventures. In the meantime conference on Blue Economy will provide a platform for discussion on contemporary maritime issues. It is expected that the conference will see lively discussion and yield tangible takeaways for the larger purpose of maritime progress.

It is expected that with zeal & zest, meticulous planning and cooperation from all the stakeholders, PIMEC-2023 will prove to boon our national economy and help raise our international stature PIMEC will become a shared vision for global peace, progress, harmony and good fortune for all its participants. The friendship generated through PIMEC will grow and bring Pakistan even closer to the cherished goals of realizing regional peace and shared prosperity through collaborative efforts.


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