Germany’s Turks Give ‘Host Nation’ Welcome to Türkiye.

by: TN Media News Pakistan:
The streets of Berlin and other major German cities have come alive with celebrations as Germany’s large Turkish community extends a warm ‘host nation’ welcome to the Turkish national football team, which is set to play a crucial Euro 2024 match against Italy. The unique display of solidarity highlights the deep-rooted cultural and familial ties between the Turkish diaspora in Germany and their ancestral homeland.

With more than three million people of Turkish descent residing in Germany, the community has embraced the opportunity to support Türkiye in the ongoing European Championship. Streets in neighborhoods with significant Turkish populations, such as Kreuzberg in Berlin and Ehrenfeld in Cologne, are adorned with red and white Turkish flags. Shops, cafes, and homes display banners and posters, creating a festive atmosphere that bridges the geographical gap between the two nations.

Ertan Karakaya, a 32-year-old restaurant owner in Berlin, expressed the community’s excitement: “It’s a special feeling to see Türkiye playing here in Germany. We feel like we’re hosting our own team, and we want to show our support in every way we can.”

Public viewing events have been organized in various cities, allowing fans to gather and watch the matches together. In Berlin’s Tempelhof Park, thousands of supporters are expected to attend a large outdoor screening, complete with food stalls offering Turkish delicacies, music, and entertainment. Similar events are being held in Frankfurt, Munich, and Hamburg, turning the tournament into a celebration of Turkish culture.

Turkey’s Consul General in Munich, Mehmet Günay, praised the Turkish community’s enthusiasm: “The support from our compatriots in Germany is incredible. It shows the strength of the bond between the two countries and the pride of the Turkish diaspora in their heritage.”

The Turkish team, aware of the significant support, has expressed gratitude. Coach Stefan Kuntz, a German himself, noted the unique situation: “Playing in Germany feels like playing at home thanks to the fantastic support from the Turkish community here. It’s a great morale booster for the team.”

The vibrant support has not gone unnoticed by local German communities. Many Germans have joined the celebrations, reflecting the multicultural fabric of the country. German-Turkish friendships and collaborations are being highlighted, showcasing the positive aspects of cultural integration and mutual respect.

Germany’s public broadcaster, ARD, has featured segments on the Turkish community’s preparations and festivities, bringing wider attention to the enthusiasm surrounding the Turkish team. “It’s wonderful to see how sports can unite people and cultures,” commented ARD journalist Markus Schmidt. “The Turkish community’s support adds a special dimension to the tournament.”

As Türkiye prepares to face Italy in what promises to be a thrilling encounter, the Turkish community in Germany continues to rally behind their team with unwavering support. Regardless of the outcome, the sense of unity and celebration stands as a testament to the enduring ties between Germany and Türkiye, and the power of football to bring people together.