Ramiz Raja discusses tactical decisions with Babar Azam post-match

by: Atika Mehboob TN Sport Pakistan:
In the aftermath of Pakistan’s defeat to Afghanistan in the 2023 World Cup match held in Chennai, former cricketer and commentator Ramiz Raja revealed details from an off-air discussion with Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam.

Ramiz broached the subject of Babar’s choice to use spinners during the 42nd and 46th overs of the game. He posited that opting for fast bowlers during those overs might have tilted the scales, possibly resulting in crucial wickets.

Sharing details of their conversation, Ramiz remarked, “I queried Babar off-air about his decision to deploy spinners in those particular overs, especially when Hassan Ali had been producing some effective reverse swing. He countered by saying that the ball was showing spin, which influenced his decision.”

Ramiz didn’t stop at tactics; he went on to discuss the broader challenges facing the Pakistan team. He opined that overcoming the recent series of defeats necessitates robust leadership. Furthermore, Ramiz voiced concerns over Babar’s seeming lack of confidence, emphasizing that a captain’s demeanor significantly influences team morale.

“Given the recent performances, spinners might not be the solution every time. It’s strong leadership that Pakistan needs now more than ever. Unfortunately, Babar’s present body language doesn’t inspire much confidence. If the captain seems disheartened, it inevitably trickles down to the team,” Ramiz concluded.

With a tally of only two wins from their five matches, Pakistan now looks ahead to their upcoming clash against South Africa in Chennai this Friday.


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