Kamran Akmal advocates for Pakistan’s cricket improvement following World Cup loss.

by: Atika Mehboob TN Sport Pakistan:
Afghanistan recently secured a noteworthy eight-wicket triumph over Pakistan in the ICC World Cup in Chennai. The aftermath has seen Pakistan’s cricket team facing sharp criticism from fans, analysts, and former players.

One such critique came from former wicketkeeper-batsman, Kamran Akmal. Speaking on a local news channel, Akmal suggested that for Pakistan to enhance its cricket stature, Babar Azam’s team should reconsider their approach to the remaining World Cup matches.

“To truly elevate the state of cricket in Pakistan, it might be in our best interest if the team doesn’t win their upcoming games. If they regain their form now, it might reinforce complacency,” Akmal commented.

His bold statement drew immediate attention from the show’s host, who questioned the likelihood of the national team deliberately underperforming. Akmal was quick to clarify, “It’s less about the losses and more about grounding their egos. This is a chance for introspection and humility.”

Since the defeat to Afghanistan, Babar Azam’s leadership has been a hot topic of discussion. Many former cricket personalities have voiced their doubts about Babar’s captaincy skills. There’s also been increasing concern about the physical fitness of the players.

With just two victories from five matches, the team stands at a critical juncture. Pakistan’s next challenge will be against South Africa in Chennai this Friday.


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