Interview of the CEO George Olivier.

George Olivier’s, CEO Interview

Tell us why JCI felt it was important to host the innovation for a Sustainable Tomorrow Conference. What are some of the objectives you would like to achieve out of this event?
• Innovation of has been in Johnson Controls’ DNA for nearly 140 years.
• As a global leader in smart and sustainable buildings, we are part of this world and we have the responsibility to help address some of the pressing issues the world is facing, such as climate change.
• Advancing the national conversation of energy sustainability by having subject matter experts, business leaders and policymakers talk about sustainable living and the need for more innovative energy consumption is an important outcome of this event.

As a global leader in smart and sustainable buildings, how does JCI help in the fight against climate change? And what role does OpenBlue play in this regard?
• At JCI we believe sustainable innovation is all about meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the needs of future generations.  It requires all actors to actively incorporate climate change and Carbon neutrality into their innovation processes.
• Today, it is a fact that buildings represent nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions.
• So, as a global leader in smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, Johnson Controls is committed to leading the fight against carbon emissions and climate change.
• This is where OpenBlue comes in.  It is an ecosystem of digital solutions and AI-infused services that bring buildings to life with enhanced living experiences.  Buildings that are green and energy-smart are a potent weapon against climate change, and this is where OpenBlue will make a difference.

In your remarks, you talked about JCI’s commitment to Saudi Arabia, signified by the opening of a new factory and the enrollment in the RHQ program, can you tell us why this show of commitment is important to JCI?
• Johnson Controls is no stranger to the region generally or Saudi Arabia specifically.
• This new factory is the second to open in Saudi Arabia and our products – such as YORK – existed in the country for well over 70 years.
• Today, Johnson Controls (cooling, fire and security) products are found in many of the most iconic and recognizable locations in the Kingdom.
• As part of its vision 2030, the Saudi government has put plans in place to increase the country’s manufacturing and local content footprint. This is where the objectives of the Saudi government and Johnson Controls converge.
• As a global leader in building technologies, we would like to be part of the incredible economic transformation that is happening in Saudi Arabia.
• Saudi Arabia is going through a massive economic transformation where it intends to spend $7 trillion in 10 years, much of that relates to renewable energy and sustainable living.
• JCI has the track record, technology and know-how to play a major role in this transformation and help make it a reality.
• Applying for the RHQ was just the latest reaffirmation of our commitment to the Saudi vision 2030.