HONOR KSA Announces Strategic Partnership with Key Partnerships in the Kingdom of Saudi to Reinforce Its Presence and Meet the User’s Needs.

The global leading technology brand HONOR announced the conclusion of several strategic partnerships, which reinforces the presence of HONOR as a brand in the KSA and expands its presence to meet the users’ needs from the digital devices inside Saudi Arabia. As HONOR has always been aware of the utmost importance of considering the needs of the users in the Kingdom, it focused on extending its network with specialized partners from both governmental and private sectors through a set of serious partnerships.

“HONOR is committed to adopting a consumer-centric approach and developing all products to be best-in-class for our users in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East,” said Mr. Jerry Liao, HONOR Country Manager, KSA. “With a strong belief in openness, collaboration, and innovation, we will work closely with our partners in the Kingdom to create a user experience of the highest level through delivering our digital devices and latest innovations”.

 The collaboration agreements incorporated several partnerships with a set of well-known brands in the industry, including “Jarir Bookstore”, United Electronics Company “Extra”, Khalid Al Haddad Telecom Company, and Assr Aljawal Group. HONOR will not hesitate to sign more partnerships with other parties to contribute to the uplifting of the technology sector and enhancing competition that is positively beneficial to the end user.

In this regard, Mr. Naseer Alaqeel, Chief Operating Officer of Jarir Bookstore, indicated their constant eagerness to provide practical solutions to consumers that would enable them to lead their daily lives in their own way. He added: “We are proud to cooperate with HONOR, and we look forward to working together to provide great value to various customer segments in the KSA and to meet all their needs regarding the smart devices they would own with the help of great offers and the competitive prices”.

 “We are excited to cooperate with one of the leading technology brands in the region.” Said Mr. Waseem Murad, Head of Commercial of the United Electronics Company “Extra”. He also added: “Due to the rapid expansion in the smartphone market, we are keen on providing the latest digital products for users in the KSA with the aim of upgrading their work life and daily life tasks.”

From his side, Mr. Muhammad Hassan, CEO of Khalid Al Haddad Telecom, clarified by saying: “The objectives of the strategic partnership with HONOR are in line with our vision of the continuous pursuit of innovation through world-class digital solutions that we offer to all our customers in the Kingdom, and we are confident that together we will provide users with technological solutions and innovations that keep pace with their aspirations, in addition to services that exceed their expectations.

It’s worth mentioning that this partnership comes within a framework aiming to promote the strategic path to cope with today’s digital needs and contribute to strengthening HONOR as one of the leading brands in the KSA.

HONOR provides a comprehensive range of digital products, including smartphones, wearable devices, earbuds, laptops, tablets, and other products that enable users to upgrade their digital portfolio, improve their experiences, and enjoy a luxurious touch while completing their daily tasks.

“We are thrilled to announce our cooperation with HONOR to grant users the opportunity to obtain the latest technologies through a set of continuous offers from all competitors. We are keen on developing different ways of cooperation during the next phase, and we strive together to discover new horizons to discover the users’ needs and meet them.” Mr. Khaled Al-Qahtani, CEO of Assr Al-Jawwal Trading Company.

Moving forward, HONOR KSA will continue exploring future opportunities for cooperation, with the aim of enhancing the overall experience to bring more different smart scenarios and improve user experiences in the Kingdom.