856 degrees awarded at 20th convocation of Iqra University.

by: Abdul Rahim Khan Ghouri Karachi:
The Iqra University in its 20th convocation on Thursday conferred 856 degrees on graduating students. A total of 15 gold medals were also awarded to PhD scholars and students of masters and bachelors for their extraordinary results.

Addressing the ceremony, the President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi said education and health were two basic sectors that played a key role in the development and prosperity of any country. China had made exemplary progress focusing on these two areas and Pakistan should also focus on ensuring high-quality education and health care to its people through modern technology and training, he added.

He said the country had been facing tough times and the indicators in education, health, gender empowerment and some other areas were unsatisfactory. The president was of the view that cultural harmony was the strength of the Pakistani nation and the people of the country were proud of their cultural values.

President Alvi said the graduating students should always respect their parents who did whatever they could do to equip them with higher education. Modern technology had resulted in immense treasures of knowledge with access to education significantly increased, he said, adding that the youth need to develop analytical skills to benefit from the available knowledge resources.

The world had evolved into an intellectual world and we should deal with it intellectually, the president remarked.

Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tessori said the Iqra University had been providing quality education to students for many years. He praised the late founder of the varsity, Hunaid Lakhani, for giving an exemplary institution to Pakistan.

It was the dream of every patriotic Pakistani to see the country developed, stable and prosperous, the governor said, adding that the youth were the biggest guarantors of the development and prosperity of Pakistan. Kamran Khan Tessori advised the graduates that no matter what the circumstances were, they should not get disappointed and should always try to overcome difficulties with courage.

“We are producing doctors and engineers, but we should also produce good human beings,” said the governor. He said that it was the government’s priority to provide better opportunities to the students of the province. Female students must start their professional careers after completing their studies, he added.

Iqra University President and Vice-Chancellor Dr Wasim Qazi told the graduating students that it was the day to celebrate their success and move towards their future development. He added that Iqra University was a leading educational institution in Pakistan and had a strong reputation for providing high-quality education to its students.

Scholar and intellectual Arfa Sayeda Zehra said education was a journey and knowledge was its final destination. She added that the journey prepared the students for their life ahead. She stressed the need for proper training of the students so that they could lead fruitful lives and carry forward their esteemed values.

President of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce Tariq Yousuf and others also expressed their views. Former President of Karachi Chamber of Commerce Muhammad Idris and Javed Memon of the D.G Higher Education Commission Sindh Noman Ahsan were also present on the occasion.


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