Sajid Mushtaq Arian hosts dinner in honor of Arian Business community members.

by: Arshad Raza Bureau Chief TN Media News
RIYADH: The recently elected president of Pakistan Arain Community (Riyadh Chapter) in Saudi Arabia and renowned businessman Sajid Mushtaq Arain organized a dinner in honour of the members of the community and other prominent personalities related from various walks of life.

Chaudhry Bashir Ahmed, President of Arayan Community Saudi Arabia, specially participated in the dinner and also presided over the ceremony.

Along with the Central General Secretary of Arain Community Wamiq and the General Secretary of Riyadh Chapter Waseem Sajid; the President of Pakistani Executive Forum Munir Ahmad Shad and the Organizing Committee of Arain Community also participated in a full manner. Apart from this, members of the Arain community and businessmen and owners of industries also participated in the dinner.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Central President of the Arain Community Chaudhry Bashir Ahmed said that we want to see the Arain community and business community strong throughout Saudi Arabia and in this way, we want to play a role in the development and prosperity of Pakistani along with other communities.

And the main purpose of this dinner threw in this regard was also to strengthen the Arain community and to take the Arain business community in the Kingdom along so that the Arain community can be strengthened.

While thanking the honourable guests, Sajid Mushtaq Arain, president of Arain Community Riyadh, said that we will organize various programs in the coming days, which will establish an atmosphere of solidarity between the Arain community and other communities, and we will all come together to work in community problem-solving.


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