Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, Syed Amin ul Haque inaugurated the Book Fair organized by District Administration Korangi at Shah Faisal Colony.


KARACHI, February 17th: Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, Syed Amin ul Haque inaugurated the Book Fair organized by District Administration Korangi at Shah Faisal Colony on Friday along with MPA Muhammad Hussain and Administrator Muhammad Sharif Khan.

While addressing the gathering of students, teachers and several other stakeholders associated with education, Federal IT Minister said, the present era has been dominated by, TV, the internet and mobile phones- these mediums have introduced people to modern sources of knowledge and skills.

New sources of study have been introduced, instead of paper books, PDFs have been taken to the forefront. This depletion of books to fast technology is why we must acknowledge the importance and usefulness of books printed by the press, and their preservation.

Federal IT Minister further emphasized the role of books in paperback form, he said that teachers and school administration can play a vital role in this regard. Setting up functional libraries in schools, the practice of reading books to the students and then stressing the need to attain knowledge, are all ways in which we can assist and ensure a solid ground for producing a well-educated and well-informed citizenry.

He praised the effort of District Korangi especially Administrator Sharif Khan in organising “Kutub Mela”, and setting up the stepping stone for a future that holds education in high regard. Member Sindh Assembly Muhammad Hussain Khan, Director Education District Korangi, Administrator DMC- Korangi, Muhammad Sharif Khan, also spoke at the occasion.

Federal IT Minister conferred that Programs like this, pave the way for children, youth and people of all ages to develop an interest in learning.
Federal IT Minister stated, that almost all Shah Faisal colony schools were visited by teams he has constituted, Infrastructure that was lacking in human resources, and other utilities, have all been verified and a report has been sent to the District Korangi Administration to ensure all essential utilities and resources are made available at the earliest. He also announced to build the state of the art IT lab for District Korangi, which would initially be built and developed by the federal government team, and after a year handed over to the district entirely.

He stressed that it was a universal truth that if an individual or a nation wants to gain respect and advancement in the world, they should think about where to get their lost heritage of knowledge. He stated that this was his heartfelt wish that young people befriend books and that such a friendship will never betray them.

The Financial Budget share towards education must be broadened to equip and include all our citizenry, to provide the fundamental right of free, fair and equal education. Earlier, Federal Minister Amin ul Haque, along with Member Sindh Assembly Muhammad Hussain and Administrator Korangi Muhammad Sharif khan, visited various book stalls and officially inaugurated the “Kutub Mela.” He lauded the variety and range of books and publishers that were showcased at the various stalls.

While stalls were the main focus, District Korangi School students also presented a tableau on national songs in the ceremony, and performances were praised by the Federal IT Minister.


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