Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Issues Emotional Apology Following Backlash Over Violent Video.

TN Media News Pakistan: Internationally acclaimed singer Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has issued a heartfelt apology after facing severe criticism for a viral video depicting him cruelly beating a band member in a Houston hotel.

In his latest video statement, the renowned Pakistani qawwali maestro expressed remorse, stating, “I recorded this special message to apologize to everyone. I am bowing my head before my creator, Allah Almighty, to seek pardon. I should not behave like this as a human being, and especially as an artist. The behavior that I displayed is not right, and I apologize for that. I beg your forgiveness. I apologize to my fans and friends.”

Acknowledging his mistake, Khan admitted to inhumane treatment caught on camera and emphasized his family’s six-century association with the Qawwali art, known for spreading messages of love, peace, and brotherhood.

“I apologize to all of my family members, close friends, and especially my fans whose sentiments were hurt. I will not repeat this mistake ever again,” he affirmed. Responding to the backlash, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan mentioned that he took the criticism positively, learning from his mistake. He expressed regret for his abusive conduct and respected those who boycotted him, stating, “People don’t want to see their artist like this. I truly apologize for my deed.”

Addressing the controversy surrounding leaked videos, Khan pointed out a planned attempt to defame him by a “gang” and suggested that more videos might be released. He noted that the leaked video was nine months old and mentioned a press conference in Lahore as a potential trigger for the release of such videos.

Despite the attempts to tarnish his reputation, Khan asserted his commitment to continue singing. However, he acknowledged his wrongdoing, stating, “It’s through this leakage that I have realized that I was wrong, and this has served as a wakeup call. Those who boycotted and booted me are right, and I respect their anger. I will reform and change myself, and I will never do this again.”

In conclusion, he extended apologies to his co-artists, female artists, the music industry, and his music directors. The singer found himself embroiled in controversy after a video of him violently beating a man surfaced on social media, leading to severe repercussions, including the British Asian Trust cutting ties with Khan.


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