Virtual Summit on Disability Cricket Visa Issues Shifts to Zoom Platform.

Muhammad Nizam  KARACHI, February 4, 2024 — In a significant development, the crucial meeting concerning visa issues for heads of other countries to attend the Disability Cricket series in India has been rescheduled and will now be conducted virtually on Zoom. The decision was conveyed via email to Ameeruddin Ansari, General Secretary of the Pakistan Physical Disability Cricket Association (PPDCA), on behalf of the Indian Disability Cricket Council and the head of the World Disability Cricket Body, Ann Martin.

Originally slated to take place on February 6 at the esteemed Narendra Modi Stadium, the meeting aimed to bring together representatives from various countries participating in the physical disability cricket series between India and England. The gathering was set to address vital issues surrounding the future programs and events of physical disability cricket.

However, due to unforeseen challenges, the organizers have opted for an online format, and the meeting will now be held on Zoom on February 5. The shift to a virtual platform ensures the active participation of representatives and key stakeholders despite the logistical hurdles posed by visa complications.

The decision to move the meeting online emphasizes the commitment of the organizing bodies to uphold the integrity of the discussions and decisions pertaining to the future of physical disability cricket. The use of technology, specifically the Zoom platform, allows for a seamless continuation of the dialogue and ensures that critical decisions can be made without further delay.

The stakeholders involved, including heads of cricket associations from various countries, are expected to engage in constructive deliberations on February 5. The agenda remains focused on addressing visa issues and formulating strategies to enhance the inclusivity and reach of physical disability cricket on the global stage.

As the disability cricket community navigates the challenges posed by the current circumstances, the virtual summit underscores the adaptability and resilience of the sport and its commitment to fostering international collaboration.

The cricket enthusiasts and stakeholders eagerly await the outcomes of the virtual meeting, hoping for positive resolutions that will pave the way for the continued growth and success of physical disability cricket on a global scale.


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