Anjuman Muslim Kalyana is active in charitable, educational, public health and social services before the establishment of Pakistan.

by: Abdul Rahim Karachi
Kalyana Town in North Karachi is engaged in providing facilities to the people through hospital, school, community center. Considering their services, Jamaat-e-Islami also played its role in solving the problems faced by them on a priority basis at the local government level.

Shaikh Muhammad Iqbal, the newly elected general councilor of UC One Kalyana Ward No. 3, North Karachi, expressed these thoughts while speaking at a dinner given by the North Karachi Youth Council. He further said that the inclusion of elected representatives in the local government system helps in solving public problems.

Jamaat-e-Islami has decided to solve the local government problems of every citizen without discrimination. Mayor Shab of Karachi is our right, we are in the majority, no one can stop us from solving the problems of the people by delaying tactics. We have won the majority in Karachi by the votes of the people.

Chairman of the Kalyana community from different areas in Karachi. More than 11 people have been elected, in which the majority are representatives of Jamaat-e-Islami. I am grateful to Artza Beg, Umar Beg, Ashfaq Beg, Maqbool Khan, Aslam Khan, others for organizing the dinner.

On this occasion, North Karachi Youth Council President Mirza Iftikhar Baig, General Secretary Muhammad Umar Baig and others also expressed their views and informed the newly elected councilor about the regional issues.

And said that the Youth Council has been working at the regional level for 35 years and has been struggling for regional issues in the past. The presence of elected representatives in the local government


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