The anti-military conspiracy finally came to an end.

Reported by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq.
According to informed sources, credible reports have been received that the armed forces have immediately sent a letter to the government of Pakistan seeking legal action, and on the national and international social media by activists of a political party after the departure of the previous government and a grand operation has been launched against the Pakistan Army for making insulting non-stop postings.

According to reports, law enforcement agencies formed a committee last month, which began monitoring “Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp groups” on social media, which is still ongoing. According to, the record of people from around the world, including Pakistan, who have been instrumental in the international conspiracy of ridiculous postings against the Pakistani forces, including 227 people in Pakistan, 43 people in the United Arab Emirates, 13 in Saudi Arabia, 16 UK, 18 US and 11 Canadian of their anti-military postings were made part of the record.

In the context of their post, the NADRA blocked the identity card of these persons, froze their bank accounts, travel ban including passports block and all those involved in the conspiracy of anti-military postings in Pakistan to be employed in any government or private institution. furthermore, it has been decided to make serious cases against the employer as well.

For the people who are outside Pakistan, consultation requests are being made through the Consulate of related countries for the offenders and their families abroad and for legal action against them under local laws.

The FIA is being requested to revoke the licenses of the criminals involved in the cases, including the permanent ban on the social media platform or the TV channels on which they have seen airing. An immediate decision on the steps will be taken. Most importantly it is noted that immediately share this authentic news on all social media platforms, so that those who are sharing anti-country postings specific to Pakistan Army or ISI on their social media accounts, can delete those, otherwise, the force’s Serious cases are being registered against every person involved in a conspiracy against Pakistan.

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