Social Media or Dajjal Fitna (Deceiver)

by: Shaheen Javed
In the current era of social media, the greatest loss has been inflicted on the Muslims who have forgotten their religion and the teachings of their religion and are immersed in the splendour of the world.

Amir Liaqat’s death is not an ordinary accident. This is an instructive prophecy for the present human beings of the future.
The religion in which husband and wife are each other’s clothes. People of this religion have exploited their own honours. The fragile relations of the Islamic society are being blown up by these people in such a way that even morality and humanity will be ashamed.

Amir Liaqat and Dania have had some issues. Being a wife, the disgrace of her dress was certainly unjustified. If she had disagreed with Amir Liaqat, she would have left everything and separated. It was not necessary to demand money and property in the name of Haq Mehr. Unfortunately, Dania may have taken the lead in oppression.

I am not saying here that Amir Liaquat is right, and Dania is wrong. Because who will get heaven or hell, this choice belongs to the one and only God. So, who are the people who trample on someone’s character?

The record of pain is that no man or woman has the right to desecrate their clothes. Islam commands to hide the secrets of others and to protect one’s honour. And this command is for every human being. Every Muslim has a duty to respect other Muslims and those who fulfil this duty. They become disgraced and sinners both in this world and in the Hereafter.

This story does not end there. Rather, it has created a time of uncertainty for the living world. The rust in relationships had already been set by the present age. Now the relationship has become even thinner with more raw thread. Which is a moment of reflection. If a person does not believe in close relations, then who should he believe in?

We deserve to be the greatest nation in the world. As a Muslim, everyone must protect relationships and honour. Because there is a value in every relationship and when a value is broken, man also becomes a sinner in the sight of God because harming humanity is not permissible in Islam.

May Allah help us all to walk on the straight and right path. And to protect the honour and dignity of others. Amen.
May Allah protect us from this temptation of Dajjal. Sincere relationships are disappearing. And sincerity, love, adoption, and true desires are drowned out.

May Allah Almighty make the last stages of Amir Liaquat easy and grant him a high position in Paradise. And people are also requested to try to be a servant to their Lord by deleting all the leaked videos of him, rather than taking the sin out of their personal lives.

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