‘’Dynamic Role of Uzbekistan in Afghanistan’s Peace and Development: An Appraisal’’

by: Khalid Taumir Director of Foreign Affairs TN Media News
A priority direction of Uzbekistan’s foreign policy is to enhance cooperation with regional states. The robust reforms, transparency, openness, and third renaissance in recent years are also evident in the country’s transformative foreign policy. The visionary leadership of the country pursues an active policy at regional and global levels by developing a framework of mutually beneficial relations with other partner nations. The main objective is to create peace and joint collaboration because liberal policy regimes enable states to interlink in diverse areas.  Thus, regional cooperation and socioeconomic expansion have remained the essence of diplomacy. Moreover, the grand vision of reviving the Central-South Asian regional connectivity by President Mirziyoyev has proved to be the most significant outcome in present times.

It is noteworthy that on 11th July 2022, the UN General Assembly approved a special resolution to strengthen the regional connectivity between Central and South Asia. This milestone achievement was possible due to the colossal efforts of the Uzbek government. The resolution was not only unanimously supported by all the UN member states but also adopted with the co-authorship of about 40 countries from different continents of the world. In addition to that, Uzbekistan has been playing a crucial role in resolving the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan vis-à-vis enhancing efforts for peace and stability in the region.  Undoubtedly, His Excellency President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has emerged as the most popular leader in the realm of international politics due to his prudent and effective strategies and advanced plans.

Uzbekistan’s Humanitarian Assistance in Afghanistan:
Presently, Uzbekistan has become a key hub for delivering humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. This step has attained huge attention and appreciation from other donor states and organizations. Uzbekistan has sent 74 tons of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan to counter the most urgent needs of affected Afghans following a deadly earthquake and subsequent floods. The humanitarian aid consisted of food, necessities, and medicines on the instruction of President Mirziyoyev, the visionary statesman. The government emphasizes on the need to develop a framework of “workable relationship” with regional stakeholders to improve Afghanistan’s situation. Therefore, it is a dire need to collaborate on infrastructure projects and revive inter-institutional harmony.

The socioeconomic evolution in Afghanistan calls for resolving the common security issues and strengthening cross-border security infrastructure. In this context, His Excellency, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, has played a dynamic role in the Afghan reconstruction process. Peace in Afghanistan is one of the most important priorities for Uzbekistan. Thereby, Uzbekistan’s commitment to establishing peace in Afghanistan along with its allies is based on its willingness to increase trade and desire to stop the spilling over of radicalization, ethnic extremism, and drug/human trafficking. The issue of terrorism has been curtailed to much extent. However, strong efforts with a holistic approach are required to stop the re-emergence of extremist activities in the region and beyond.  Uzbek government’s initiatives to erase the mistrust between Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries have achieved milestone developments. In this regard, a new political atmosphere based on mutual trust and cooperation has been witnessed between previously contradicting regional stakeholders.

Regional Connectivity under the Initiatives of President Mirziyoyev: A Roadmap towards Shared Future
History has marked the efforts of H.E. President Shavkat to provide a platform for all regional countries to strengthen partnerships, resolve differences, revive cultural linkages, and establish an integrated framework of future cooperation. In 2021, an international conference ‘‘Central and South Asia: Regional Interconnectedness. Challenges and Opportunities’’ was successfully held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. President Mirziyoyev has provided significant ten-point agenda to enhance regional cooperation and combat common menaces. The spirit of neighbourly solidarity between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan is profound and goes beyond the provision of emergency humanitarian relief.

The dynamic and proactive leadership of Uzbekistan has left no stone unturned to begin a great voyage for regional progress, robust economic development and achieve common aspirations together. The guiding principles in making a great neighbourhood have been built on justice, mutual respect, emancipation, unity, and diligence under the leadership of President Mirziyoyev. In this regard, the upcoming international conference ‘’Afghanistan: Security and Economic Development (26th July 2022)’’ clearly manifests Uzbekistan’s tremendous role in the peace and humanitarian stability of Afghanistan. High-profile special representatives from various countries and institutions will participate in the Tashkent conference. It can be anticipated that the international forum will develop common approaches toward ensuring security and stability in Afghanistan, practically implementing the infrastructure projects in the energy and transport-communication spheres and contributing to humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people.

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