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BY: Abdul Rahim Khan Ghouri
Overflow of Drainage in Landhi Town 1 UC-15 Causes Destruction of Inam Memorial Football Ground, Local Residents Affected

The football ground, established in 1968, was intended for sports activities but Overflow of Drainage Causes Destruction, Local Residents

Karachi: The drainage system in Landhi Town 1, UC-15, has suffered an overflow, resulting in significant damage to the Inam Memorial Football Ground. The local community has been adversely affected by this situation. Due to the overflowing drainage, the recreational activities at the Inam Memorial Football Ground have been disrupted in Landhi UC-15.

The local residents are experiencing the negative consequences of this drainage issue. The drainage system near the Inam Memorial Football Ground, located in Landhi UC-15, could not be cleaned due to insufficient funding, which has led to the overflow and subsequent destruction.

The residents of the area are facing inconvenience due to this unfortunate situation. The influx of mosquitoes has caused a rise in cases of diseases such as dengue, malaria, and other among the residents of Landhi UC-15. The surge of mosquitoes has created an alarming public health concern in the locality. The Union Council 15 has raised concerns about the lack of proper sanitation efforts around the Inam Memorial Football Ground. This negligence has caused the drainage system to overflow, leading to further damage.

The football ground, established in 1968, was intended for sports activities, including various football matches. However, due to the drainage issue, the ground now faces substantial damage. The administrative authorities’ apparent lack of action has resulted in the deterioration of the football ground, affecting the sports activities that were once held there. The influx of drainage water into the football ground and the increased severity of sewerage issues have compounded the situation.

Local residents expressed their frustration with the fact that despite Union Council Chairman’s request to the District Commissioner for funds to address the drainage issue, the necessary resources have not been allocated. As a result, the area’s problems have escalated, particularly impacting the well-being of the residents in Landhi UC-15. The nearby residents of the Inam Memorial Football Ground are now grappling with an infestation of mosquitoes, exacerbating the spread of diseases like dengue, malaria, and disease.

The urgency to address this situation is underscored by the immediate need for mosquito control measures and other preventive actions. Residents of Landhi UC-15 are eagerly awaiting the release of funds by the Union Council Chairman to address the drainage issues and carry out essential sanitation efforts around the Inam Memorial Football Ground. This action is crucial to prevent the further spread of diseases and to ensure a healthy environment for the local community.

Dr. Ali Zaid, the DC Korangi, and Assistant Commissioner Landhi have been appealed to by the concerned residents to expedite the provision of funds for the drainage system in Landhi UC-15 and to implement effective mosquito control measures. The aim is to curb the spread of diseases like dengue, malaria, and other disease, and to establish a healthier living environment for the affected residents.

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